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Mandy Kloppers

Love That Lasts

Love that lasts needs effort and focus. Falling in love is easier than staying in love. We change over time, we want different things, and the monotony of life also has a habit of grinding down the spark that is initially ignited.
I am going to give you tips to help you make love stay. This doesn’t guarantee that love will stay but it will certainly improve your chances…

Kind Words

Always find time to compliment your partner. Positive words soothe a relationship and can go a long way to keeping resentment at bay. Don’t be insincere but try to find something to appreciate in the other person and make sure you verbalize it. We all love a compliment or to know we are appreciated in some way.


Physical touch is important for intimacy. Do you kiss “hello” and “goodbye”, do you touch each other affectionately? Do you make time for intimacy in the bedroom?  Love that lasts often has a good amount of affection and physical intimacy. This is all part of the bigger picture and leads to a solid foundation. Don’t lose the physical touch in a relationship as this will undoubtedly erode the bond between you.

Quality Time

Make time for each other – no distractions. Turn the TV off and really listen to each other. We live in a fast-paced world where this quality time can easily be overlooked. It’s crucial for a healthy relationship – make time for it. even if time has to be scheduled regularly in your diaries – it must be done.

Acts of Service

Do kind things for each other – fetch your partner’s dry cleaning, buy flowers, cook a surprise meal..anything that shows you have made an effort will make a lasting impression on your partner.
We all need to feel special and valued and this is a sure-fire way to achieving that. A love that lasts often has the quality of thoughtful gestures.


Don’t compare your relationship to what other people seem to have. We are all different with varying needs. Identify what needs are most important and ask whether your partner is meeting these and whether you provide for your partner’s needs. Communicate regularly and don’t make assumptions.
Remember that no one is perfect and that all relationships take a certain amount of work. As long as you are getting more happiness out of the relationship than misery, you’re probably on to a love that lasts.

M x

Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash