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Losing Weight Is Important For Your Health

People with symptoms of depression may engage in ineffective and unhealthy behaviors. So, is there a relationship between depressive symptoms and the way people act to achieve weight loss? Some say yes, and others no but there is definitely a correlation.  Some people choose to diet to lose weight, others will exercise more, but there is also an option of getting surgery. This allows you to see a more immediate effect and can therefore improve your mental health. You can look at for more inspiration. Here are some good reasons to start losing weight today.

Fitness – reason # 1

The less weight you carry around with you, the easier it will be for you to do everyday tasks like climbing stairs and shopping. Figuratively speaking, losing a kilo means getting rid of a tetra pack of milk or a pack of sugar in your luggage: a reason to lose weight that immediately makes sense. When we feel fitter, we can achieve more in the day, we don’t get as out of breath and we can feel generally better.  

Relief of the Heart – Reason No. 2

One of the important reasons for losing weight is the heart, which has to work less hard with less weight and increasing fitness. The heart is a muscle that can slacken when overworked – doctors call it heart failure. Think of it like an engine that is constantly running at full speed and at some point wears out. This can cause heart disease or other issues. 

Relief of the vessels – reason no.3

Weight reduction can significantly lower blood pressure, namely by 5–20 mmHg per ten kilograms. This is an important reason for losing weight. If you succeed in doing this, you will also have a positive effect on other risk factors such as insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, increased blood lipid levels and heart failure. This can be avoided.


Relieving the pancreas – reason # 4

Anyone who has high blood sugar levels has particularly good reasons to lose weight, because experience shows that this value drops in all patients. If insulin is produced in excess by the pancreas, but does not reach its destination, the cell membranes create resistance. If the pancreas can no longer meet this increased need, what is known as type 2 diabetes mellitus follows.

Relief of the liver – reason number 5

Obesity is also one of the risk factors for fatty liver. If you keep an eye on your energy intake in the future so that no additional body fat can be stored in the liver or other areas, you will prevent this metabolic disorder.

Relief of the joints – reason no.6

Joint damage, especially to the knee joint and the spine, is significantly influenced by the weight that we carry. Those who carry less pounds with them can significantly reduce this burden. Therefore it can prevent premature wear and tear. Anyone who has ever had problems with their knees or back will easily understand this reason for losing weight.



Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

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