Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

Looking After Number One

Depression, anxiety, and stress can cause us to neglect many aspects of ourselves from our social life, to our everyday health. But, by ignoring these critical areas of ourselves, we are causing more problems and exacerbating our conditions. 


Coming to terms with the fact that you have a mental illness can be very hard. Understanding the signs and symptoms can be difficult, but then even more of a struggle may lay in coming to terms with the fact that it is a problem for you. 


Once you have acknowledged that you are struggling, the first thing to work on is the understanding that you deserve to feel better about yourself. If life has thrown you a bad situation or your depression is mostly down to health, you do have the right to be happy and feel well. 


Don’t Put Your Healthcare On Hold


Often, when we’re feeling down or anxious, we ignore other aspects of our health. Going to the doctor is essential when you are feeling unwell is important, and if you have any healthcare concerns, it will always help with your peace of mind to go and get these checked out as soon as you possibly can. 


Similarly, you shouldn’t neglect the rest of your health. Going to see the dentist regularly may be a stressful experience. However, it is much better than needing some painful and expensive dental work carried out. 


Your eyes are also important. You should have regular check-ups, as your eyes may change over time. If you are a glasses wearer and worry that your prescription may have changed, you could use a reglaze service to save yourself money. 


Create A Self Care Routine


Having a routine of self-care within your daily life is vital in terms of aiding the management of your mental health. Think about including small things which make a difference in your day-to-day life. 


Go For Walks


If you have a dog, you will have a great excuse to go out for a walk. But, even if you don’t, just spending ten or fifteen minutes a day can help you feel better, Get into a routine of walking at a particular time, and pretty soon it will become a pattern. 




Meditation can help you to relax. It can help you refocus. Often when we’re anxious or depressed, our mind can wander, and we can struggle to concentrate. This leaves us feeling despondent and lacking in motivation to complete the tasks that we need to do. 


Simple controlled breathing exercises or guided meditations can help dramatically to help you find a sense of calm and focus. 


Eat Well


Comfort food can give you a short term lift when you are feeling down, but it can become a habit just to eat foods that are high in sugar and fats. Setting yourself up with a well-balanced diet can take a lot of will power and preparation at the start, but within a week or so, you will start to feel the increased health benefits. 

Mandy X

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