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Lonely at Christmas

Christmas is a strange time of year. Being lonely at Christmas is a sad side effect of this season. I often imagine beings from another planet landing on earth during this time, scratching their heads (if they had heads!) and wondering what the heck these strange humans are doing. We have some very unique customs and to someone who didn’t understand the context, it could seem quite bizarre. Lots of lights, people scurrying round shops and then covering their purchases with colourful paper just be uncovered by someone else. Eh??

I have mixed feelings about this time of year. On the one hand, I’m all for it if it makes us kinder, more tolerant and more considerate of one another but then again being lonely at Christmas is very common.  It’s fine if you have family and friends, and even then it’s not always fine. Being lonely at Christmas isn’t exclusive to people without family and friends. I see more clients in the run up to Christmas and even MORE straight afterwards. This is because family disputes have occurred and often married couples don’t spend that much time together. This overload of ‘togetherness’ causes major problems and initiates many divorces, believe it or not.

If you think you will be lonely at Christmas, try to make the most of the fact that you can be selfish. Eat what you want at the time you want and watch what you want on TV without compromise. Don’t imagine that others are all cosy with family and friends feeling loved up and ecstatic. That isn’t the reality. Sure, there will be many happy people but remember that making the best of the situation you are in is the best way to protect your mental health.

If you feel that the loneliness will be unbearable, and that you won’t be able to tune in the good thoughts and tune the bad ones out that cause your feelings of sadness, there are many charities around that offer Christmas meals and company.

In the UK, we have a fantastic charity called Crisis. They really are wonderful!   Mandy X

Here is their link: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

CRISIS homeless charity

In The USA, click this link to find more info on organisations dealing with homelessness and loneliness




Photo by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash