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Lockdown arguments over health safety concerns

There are many arguments taking place since lockdown began. Lockdown due to Covid-19 has been a very difficult time for many of us. Many couples have been forced to spend more time together when they would normally have had healthy breaks from each other. Lockdown arguments over health safety concerns are extremely common. I’ve spoken to many clients who have related stories about conflict at home.

Often there is a disparity between how one person in the relationship deals with health safety concerns and this difference causes problems. I know one couple who have been arguing because his wife refuses to wash her hands when she comes home.

Lockdown arguments over health safety concerns are something that many clients want to talk about. If one person’s stress is about the other person leaving the house, this affects both people. There has been a little bit too much paranoia and the news does not help either. Avoid the news and watch every other day instead.

If you are having locked down arguments over health safety concerns, here are a few tips to avoid major conflict

Be considerate

Be with be willing to listen to the other person’s point of view. Consideration is key during this tricky time. We don’t have our normal vices to keep us calm. Sporting events have been cancelled and drinking at the pub isn’t always possible. Socialising slowed down as well and this is causing people to feel frustrated and trapped.

Don’t think the worst

Try not to catastrophize about catching the virus. Being sensible is the best way forward.

Focus on what you can control

Know the difference between what you can and can’t control. The virus is invisible and overthinking the problem will just increase anxiety. Wash your hands regularly and use a face mask when you go out. Keep your two metre distance from others and try not to worry about the rest.

Work as a team and avoid blame

Lockdown arguments over health safety concerns will only exacerbate the current anxiety that we all feel. Now is the time to work as a team instead of blaming each other and taking our frustrations out on each other.  In fact, kindness and compassion are more vital than ever.

Lockdown won’t be forever but hopefully, if you tread carefully and respectfully with your partner your relationship will survive this life-interruption.

If at all possible try to keep a sense of humour and maintain perspective. These key skills will improve your resilience and keep you sane until this strange episode ends.

Be kind, be nice, take deep breaths and wait it out. We are getting there!

Mandy X


Photo by Mélissa Jeanty on Unsplash

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