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Mandy Kloppers

Living or existing?

I have always had this ability to observe society from afar, almost as if I was an alien from another planet. I watch people, observe societal trends and customs and sometimes see the world as this hurly burly noisy place where we are all mindlessly rushing about. Many people are focused on the wrong things and this, of course, is what keeps me in business! Have you ever wondered whether you are actually living or existing? I am amazed at the monotony and lack of meaning many people’s lives hold.

Unfortunately, a certain amount of monotony is unavoidable. We all have to work and pay bills. We are creatures of habit and it’s often easier to fit into our small lives than explore and see life as an adventure.

The thing is, no one on their deathbed ever said they wish they had tried less new things in life. If anything, they say they wish they had been less fearful, been true to themselves and tried more in life. You can choose to see the world as a place to mistrust, a scary awful place and one to be avoided. If you think this way, it makes sense that you will stay in the safety of your home and not get out there much.

If, however, you choose to believe that there are many good friendly people in the world and that there are adventures that await you, you will be far more likely to use the safety of your home as a stable spingboard from which to explore and discover the world.

I have found that 90% of people will respond in a friendly manner if you are friendly and warm. You get back what you put out. Sure, there will be the misery guts’ of the world. Leave them to it – they are unhappy with themselves, it’s not about you.

When you exist, you live in auto-pilot mode. You chase money, you make endless to- lists and you seem to constantly chase your tail, never having enough hours in the day to get everything done. Sound familiar? It’s no way to livee….changes need to be made.

How to live instead of exist

Push yourself out of your comfort zone regularly

Make less ‘to do’ lists -learn to wing it more

Prioritise people and experiences over money and material things

Try new things often

See the funny side of ife

Face your fears – see it as fun rather than as something to fear

Smile and laugh a lot

Believe about the good in people and the wonders in the world

Skip watching the news for a week

Volunteer -give back to others. It’s amazing as it creates a sense of meaning and purpose

Be kind

Give hugs and accept hugs freely

Be spontaneous!

Figure out what your values are and live according to them – this is an important one!!

Stop and think about your life once in a while…are you fulfilled or are you just going through the motions?

Mandy X

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash