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Mandy Kloppers

Living a life that’s “inside out”


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Living a life that’s “inside out”

When you look outwards for security or you have a feeling that your life has been created by circumstance, you are probably living a life that is “outside-in”. Living a life that is “outside-in” leads us to feeling powerless and with little control in our lives – not a great place to be!

Try to reflect your focus towards yourself rather that constantly seeking approval and validation from others. Allow yourself permission to do whatever it is that you want to without asking whether others are okay with it. When we focus inwards and stop people pleasing an amazing that happens – we begin to grow in confidence and self belief.

When we focus on a life that is “inside out” we also learn how to tune into our true selves and follow what really matters to us. This is the secret that leads to inner fulfillment.

Mandy X

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