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Mandy Kloppers

Livin’ La Vida Mocha: The Perfect Spotify Playlist to Match Your Morning Coffee

Summer is here, and we no longer need to wish we stayed in the warm comfort of our beds. Getting up and starting your day successfully is the best way to approach summer in a you-focused way. Scanning 980 morning playlists, we have curated a list of the top ten songs people are waking up to, and the coffee pairings we think will make the perfect combination for the start of your day.  

Lucy Ward, Marketing Manager at Beanies Flavour Co, says: “Starting your morning right looks different for everyone, but who can resist the pull of a delicious coffee and some upbeat music to help you shake away the sleep and wake up fresh.

“If you are wanting to be more productive throughout your week, perfecting your wake-up routine by adding a bit of fun and caffeine together is essential.”

The perfect Spotify playlist

10. Cold Heart – PNAU Remix, Elton John

Struggling for a bit of motivation? This pop remix is one of the best ways to shake your way out of bed. Why not embrace the title and choose an iced coffee to enjoy this song with? As this is a remix of some of Elton John’s most popular music from the times, why not embrace this change and choose different flavoured syrups for every morning?

9. As it Was, Harry Styles

A nostalgic song which brings back the feeling of how good things were when we were younger – and wouldn’t it be nice to recapture that feeling?

Believe it or not, you can actually revive those memories with a coffee milkshake! This special treat can bring back that spark to kickstart your day, and all it consists of is milk, ice cream, instant coffee, and cocoa powder blended up. You could even enhance it with a touch of peanut butter or your favourite sweet treats to add a bit of that (watermelon) sugar high!

8. Sunday Morning, Maroon 5

This jazz fusion brings a slow relaxing sway to your morning, and any easy listening needs a creamy accompaniment to go along with the first few hours of your day. A caramel latte would be the perfect match for this song. It is smooth, creamy, and slightly luxurious without being too heavy. Warm or cold, it makes the perfect addition to any morning routine.  

7. Beyond, Leon Bridges

This beautiful soul song deserves a drink just as strong as it is. The perfect pairing would be a stunning macchiato with its intense flavour that truly shines through. Just as soulmates add something exciting to your life, the dash of steamed milk perfectly complements the coffee without hiding the smooth espresso. This drink can fill any cool morning.

6. Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson

This hearty soul balances the rain pouring outside with the happiness of a good breakfast. And for those of you who love banana pancakes but don’t have the time between getting ready and driving to work, how can you add a bit of sunshine to your duller mornings?

A banana frappe could be the answer. This smooth and creamy drink, with its banana flavour and caffeine kick, can brighten up any morning while offering a taste of that breakfast-in-bed luxury even during your busiest days.

5. Lovely Day, Bill Withers

The notes Bill Withers holds in this song are known for being one of the longest in music recording history – and with many of us attempting to replicate it and losing our breath, there is no better drink than a warming Cortado to help waken up our vocal cords.

Ironically translated to “a short one”, the Cortado consists of an espresso shot mixed with an equal measure of warm, but not frothed, milk. This smooth and quick drink is perfect for anyone looking to warm up their throat before holding the longest note of their morning.

4. Put Your Record On, Corinne Bailey Rae

This sweet soul song fills any listener with warmth, and there’s nothing better to pair it with than “cinnamon, so sweet”. A cinnamon coffee could be the perfect start to your morning that you haven’t tried yet. This rich and warming drink is the equivalent of a sunny day in a cup.

So why not take your hair down, dance around the kitchen, and let the scent of freshly ground beans and cinnamon sticks fill your home with joy? There is no need to rush this morning – it is time to take some space for yourself.

3. Sunrise, Norah Jones

This soulful and earthy song stirs you from your sleep in a gentle way. It isn’t overbearing but incredibly relaxing. And you deserve a coffee that treats you the exact same way. That is why an almond coffee could be the best flavour for your early morning rise when all is quiet.

2. Here Comes the Sun – Remastered 2009, The Beatles

There is no doubt that a smile appears when you hear this song. One of the classic early morning and sun-rising songs on the list. This song evokes memories of summertime and even sunburns! And what is a better way to remember all of this than a refreshing and zesty burst of lemon coffee?

The balance of sweet and sour in this drink works perfectly to brighten up your morning – letting you hold the sun in your hands for ten minutes.

1. Better Together, Jack Johnson

Just as everything is better together, so is your coffee and milk! Why not double up with your own double latte order? This includes two orders of espresso, steamed milk, and even some foamed milk to finish off the top of your cup.

This playlist isn’t meant to be enjoyed alone. As Jack Johnson says, “It is always better when we are together”. Why not make a drink for your loved ones and bring this happiness into someone else’s morning too?

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash