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Liven Up Your Life



Liven up your life

Wacky ways to have more fun over the next week or so…

1) Do a jig in your bedroom whilst you’re getting dressed. Preferably to fun, mood enhancing music. (Singing into your hairbrush -additional optional extra)

2) Give yourself a toothpaste moustache while you brush your teeth – I swear it’s good luck 😉

3) Give your pet a big kiss…tongues optional (ew)

4) Eat a really hot curry – great way to detox or clear out your sinuses

5) Sleep in a onesie

6) Skip. It doesn’t matter where or for how long :- it re-invigorates the soul and promotes cheerfulness

7) Wear an item of clothing inside out and see if anyone notices.

8) Stick a piece of lettuce in your teeth and watch how people react

9) Wear a wig

10) Wear clashing colours for the day

11) Speak with a lisp while doing a handstand

12) Smile at every third stranger you see. Count how many smiles you get in return and let us know below in the comments!

13) Bake a cake and put a rude inappropriate word in icing on the top. If you’re really brave – give it to school for the fete 😉

14) Go to the local shopping centre in roller blades

15) Put a fake update on Facebook. eg: had all my teeth out this morning, still getting used to my falsies

16) Chuck salt over both your shoulders

17) Do the moon walk on the school run, or in the checkout queue

18) Wear a balaclava

19) Shout “Pringles” loudly and randomly in public. Works wonders on a crowded train!

20) Go into the Pound Shop. Pick up random items and ask how much they cost.


Well, if that doesn’t keep you out of mischief and liven up your life,  I don’t know what will. I am still working my way down the list 😉


Mandy X

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