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Live life with these 20 ideas in mind

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Live life with these 20 ideas in mind

1) Be kind to the Earth, treat it with respect.

2) Embrace failure – it is a valuable lesson that life offers you that helps you to learn and improve.

3) Treat all living things with respect – plants, trees, insects, animals, children (they may be little but they still deserve respect and their own preferences and opinions), other people.

4) Sometimes you have to risk it to achieve greatness – risk pride, risk reputation, risk money, risk being foolish, risk being rejected, risk safety…

5) Believe everything is unfolding as it’s meant to.

6) Keep a sense of humour, it’s a great ‘shock absorber’ for life.

7) Breaking the rules is sometimes a good thing.

8) Be comfortable in your own company. Solitude offers opportunities to refocus, re-assess and recharge.

9) Keep fear in its place – always be open to change. Life is made up of constant change – a good attitude to change will stand you in good stead.

10) See life as an experimental adventure.

11) Have fun and never take yourself too seriously.

12) Live with integrity – be the same person inside and out. Never change an opinion to fit in with others.

13) Dance to your own beat – be true to yourself and you will have the best chance of reaching your full potential.

14) Celebrate the success of others – use it as inspiration not as competition. There is enough success to go around – it is not a limited supply.

15) Keep your home a safe and happy place. We all need  safe haven to escape the crazy world we live in.

16) In disagreements, stick to the issue at hand. Mentioning past problems muddies the water and is unhelpful.

17) Travel somewhere new every year, Try something new often.

18) Nurture a positive relationship with yourself. When you treat yourself with love and respect, others follow your lead.

19) You teach others how to treat you by what behaviour of theirs you accept and reject.

20) A sense of purpose makes life meaningful and adds contentment to life.

 Mandy X

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