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Mandy Kloppers

Little gestures make a huge, positive difference

84% of Brits agree that little gestures make a huge, positive difference to their day, new research reveals


  • A new report by thortful.com reveals that small acts of kindness improve our mood
  • Nearly a quarter (24%) say that receiving a thinking-of-you card is the small act of kindness that would brighten their day the most

A new report by greetings card marketplace, thortful.com reveals that small acts of kindness really do brighten our day. They polled1 Brits and found that 84% agree that little gestures make a huge, positive difference to their day.

The results reveal just how much receiving a greetings card or another thoughtful form of contact can lift a person’s mood. From a passer-by saying hello (22%) to a stranger smiling at us (23%), or receiving a ‘thinking-of-you’ card (15%), these are all small acts of kindness that have completely turned Brits’ days around.

In a time where emotional closeness to loved ones is so important for our mental wellbeing, receiving a greeting card out of the blue makes us feel like someone is thinking of us (50%), generally happier (49%) and for nearly half (48%), it makes their day, according to the research.

In fact, the cards we receive – and the thoughtful sentiments behind them – are so special to us that the average Brit keeps greeting cards for almost three years.

The findings also showed that almost half (49%) find it difficult to open up about their mental health, and 63% of us feel better in ourselves when we feel connected to others.

Something as simple as a card through the letterbox, a quick text or phone call, a bunch of flowers, or even a smile or hello on a walk in the park can make a big difference and help us feel connected to people and the world around us. Whether we’re sending or receiving, the very act of reaching out brings us closer to one another.

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Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash