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Mandy Kloppers

Like yourself now


self love woman smiling in mirror

Like yourself now

Why don’t you like yourself now? We can all improve something about ourselves but actively disliking yourself or feeling you aren’t good enough is never the way to go. Lately, I have been focusing on my faults and not feeling good. This morning, I gave myself a talking to and forced myself to think about all the good things that I like about myself.

Carrying around negative thoughts and comparing myself unfavourably to others leads me to feeling stressed and unhappy and how is that helpful? Others will take your cue. If you ooze confidence and seem happy in your own skin, others will see you this way too. If you come across as lacking in confidence, seem insecure and put yourself down, others will see you this way as well and treat you accordingly. Be your number one fan. This doesn’t mean you feel you are superior to others, it just means that you feel okay with who you are. How can that NOT be a good thing?

Learn to love and accept who you are, good bits and bad bits. No one is perfect but there is no one else on this planet quite like you. Think about what makes you unique – your sense of humour, the way you see the world? Be proud of all that you have accomplished in life.

I admit, it takes effort to constantly like yourself now. I know I find myself saying things like, I will like myself when I have lost weight but my value as a person should not be dependent on a few pounds or kilos. This is the wrong attitude. I tell myself I am wonderful as I am and actively monitor my thinking about myself.

See yourself as amazing. See yourself as a gift that someone else would have huge luck to get to enjoy and share.

Mandy X