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Life Skills – 4 Key Traits That Will Help You Get Through The Unexpected In Life

When we think of unexpected events in our life, they can range in many different ways. Whether it be something as small as forgetting your wallet when you go out or something more significant such as a death in the family.

People are surprised at how quickly the unexpected can hit us and change whatever is going on in our lives. When it does, however, there are some key qualities that we need to have to help us get through these tough moments.

These four traits are: being aware that the unexpected can happen, maintaining a positive attitude, thinking before acting, and using it as a learning opportunity. 

Here, we take a look at how these things can help you prepare for the unexpected and get you through the tough times.

Be aware that the unexpected can and does happen

The first step in dealing with the unexpected is to recognize and accept the possibility that it will occur. Not only to you but to everyone else as well.

These occurrences and changes might be minor or big in nature. Regardless of the magnitude of the repercussions, accepting the fact that life is dynamic rather than static can help you be better prepared. Taking proactive steps, such as taking a BLS certification online can help you as well.

Maintain a positive attitude

You have no control over what occurs to you, but you do have control over how you respond to what happens to you. What happens is out of your control; what matters is how you respond to it. You can perceive the positive aspects of a situation if you maintain a positive attitude. However, not all unexpected changes are disastrous. In fact, it can elicit feelings of strength, motivation, and tenacity, all of which can assist you in moving forward and doing things you never imagined possible.

Maintain a positive attitude and frame of mind since it will assist you in overcoming whatever you are going through.

Think before taking action

To distinguish between a reaction and a response, give yourself some time to reflect before taking action.

The first few minutes and hours following an unexpected situation are frequently the most difficult and stressful to deal with. It can be difficult to comprehend all of the changes that are taking place.


Allowing yourself time to reflect can allow you to gain a better understanding of the situation and make an informed decision.

Use it as a learning opportunity

Unexpected occurrences can provide excellent learning opportunities. Some of the events that occur are within your control, and by learning from your mistakes, you can prevent them from occurring again. Even if the unexpected event that occurred was out of your control, you may still use it as a learning opportunity by being proactive.

Consider what happened, how you handled it, and what you could have done differently to handle it more effectively.


We can’t prepare for every event in life, but what we can do is make sure we have strategies in place for how we deal with them when they arise. 



Featured image: Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

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