Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

Life as it really is…

Have you ever stopped to think about whether life is really how you see it? We all have our own take on the world yet many of us base our reality on assumptions, projections and second hand information. These ideas and stories that we tell ourselves and recreate in our minds can be tainted by our own irrational thinking and dysfunctional perceptions. Examples of this type of thinking that distorts reality:

Black and white thinking

Life is never black and white yet we try to make it so in order to simplify life. Unfortunately, the trick is not to simplify life but rather to accept that life is complex and that there will always be exceptions to the rule.


Making a mountain out of a molehill magnifies events and creates distortions. Take the emotion out of it and try to look at the facts

Negative Filtering

Every situation has pros and cons, yet sometimes we tend to see the negative in everything.


Imagining that everything is done to get at you or comments are directed at you. Often, others may be totally oblivious to you. You don’t know what others are really thinking or why they are doing things. You will only know if you ask directly.


Coming to a general conclusion over one incident.

Emotional Reasoning

We believe that what we feel must be true automatically. If we feel stupid, then we must be stupid. I feel it therefore it must be true.

Recognising that the way we see the world may not necessarily be the way reality is helps us to keep perspective and not always take our thoughts seriously.

Mandy X

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