Mandy Kloppers

Learning When Your Ex-Partner Wants You Back

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While breakups may be difficult, they do not always mean the end of a relationship. While films lead us to believe that ex-spouses would make huge moves to win you back, this is not always true. There may be subtle signals that your ex is attempting to win you back, although this does not always indicate you should reconcile.

They’re interested in your dating life

Another significant indicator of your ex’s plans is that if they monitor your dating life, there is a strong likelihood that they want you back.

For instance, your ex may inquire about your future life, your date, etc. Indeed, these queries demonstrate their interest in your personal life, and the likelihood indicates that they want to reintroduce you to their lives. That is the primary cause for your ex’s seeming involvement in your personal or dating life.

Those tender moments

One of the clearest signals that your ex want your return is their continued warmth and friendliness after the split. The natural reaction would be to be offended, or even somewhat disgusted and annoyed, by your presence. If your ex continues to treat you with the same warmth and loving gazes, you should reconsider their sentiments and intentions toward you.

He is angry with you

While this circumstance is comparable to the last one, it is also filled with hatred. Each time he speaks with you, he devises a strategy for combat. He seems incapable of engaging in polite discourse. Occasionally, he will become explosively furious out of nowhere. If you see this conduct, it is a strong indication that he still has unresolved emotions.

While this may indicate an audacious desire to alter the dynamic between the two of you, it should also be viewed with caution. You do not deserve someone’s constant negativity, especially if the conversations are circular. Occasionally, the only way out is through, and you must soldier your way through some difficult exchanges to reach the other side. At other times, these constant clashes will lead nowhere and be detrimental to you.

Assure that you are looking after yourself and are not sucked into an endless back-and-forth. Move on when your arguments leave you feeling like you’re being batted into submission by a ping-pong ball.

Those recollections

Is your ex reminding you of an old anniversary or of a place the two of you used to frequent? There is no reason to reminisce unless they still harbor feelings for you and desire your return.

This is one of the telltale signs that your ex wants you back that you should be on the lookout for. If your ex clings to old memories and constantly reminisces about those special times, they want you to remember them.

They are candid about their emotions.

It is an obvious sign, but if your ex begins to open up to you and express their emotions, they still care about you and trust you with their vulnerabilities.

Along with sharing their emotions, they are likely to be curious about you and your feelings, especially if they yearn to be with you again.

Acting as your hero

When your ex is constantly attempting to be the hero in your life, this is one of the signs he misses you badly and most likely wants you back. By using the term “hero,” you can imply that he is always available to assist you, and that he is always there to protect you.

You must be assured that they still care for you and harbors feelings for you deep within their heart.


Exes who adore their ex are perpetually touchy and linger with their touchy-feely soft grazes whenever they contact their ex. I guarantee that you do not imagine things and that your ex most likely still has feelings for you. Keep an eye out for signs such as accidental or lingering touches between you two.

If your ex does not approve of you, they are unlikely to touch you with a barge pole. This is a very strong indication that your ex is still in love with you.

Those astonishing coincidences

Do you constantly run into your ex on a random basis? If it occurs seldom, it is most likely a coincidence. However, if the romance develops into a regular one, your ex has a common buddy on their side who informs them of your daily activities.

You essentially have a weird stalker that sometimes runs into you. Of course, it is not strange if you are still in love with your ex.