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Mandy Kloppers

Learn how to shine

Have you ever met someone that just seems to shine? They possess this magnetism that makes you want to spend more time with them. You feel drawn to them and they leave you feeling happy and inspired? This isn’t a coincidence. These charismatic people have certain personality traits that allow them to be liked and sought after and you can have it to. Learn how to shine – it’s all here for you:

I have done my own research on this. I have questioned clients who seem to posses this magnetism and I have done extensive research on people in the media that seem to enthrall and capture others. They all have the same qualities in common:

They genuinely care about others

They see beyond themselves

They have empathy

They are open-minded and tolerant

They believe in the good of others

They like themselves too

They are true to themselves and expressive. They let it out and they don’t bottle stuff up

They are light hearted, optimistic and don’t take themselves or life too seriously

They have the ability to make each person they come into contact with feel important and valued

Charismatic people focus on others when they socialise. They don’t ask the standard questions like “How are you?” because that is the standard small-talk opener. They ask because they genuinely want to know. They like people, they also have a good attitude towards others – they see the good in people and are optimistic that there are good kind people in the world.

This healthy thought style pervades everything they do and it is contagious. Others are dying to feel that spark of fun, freedom from anger and bitterness as well as the sense of acceptance that these magnetic people give off. You can do it too. Believe in others, look for the good in people and they will do the same to you too. People all want to feel loved and special and if you can do that for others they will seek you out for more. People remember how you made them felt and if that feeling felt good you will become addictive.

Be addictive, be kind, loving and tolerant and you will be super loveable.

Mandy X