Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

Learn how to chill out

Sometimes I find myself getting too sucked into life events around me. It might be an argument at work or an event on the news that riles me. I find myself getting quite irate and it’s usually about something that doesn’t affect me directly or it’s often something I have no direct control over. At times, I don’t even realise how wound up I am getting. It’s crazy really because these external events are lowering my quality of life because I spend hours of my life annoyed and fed up. Sometime, i need reminding that life is a series of events and that I need to learn how to chill out. Nothing is that serious really and often we are resourceful enought of find solutions. Sure, not everything can be deemed unimportant especially when it comes to ill health. I suffer from a chronic illness and that often bothers me less than other life events that aren’t nearly so serious in the grand scheme of things.

Usually when I fnd life is getting to me, it’s because I am struggling emotionally. I may be unhappy or digruntled about something. Signs that tell me that something is ‘off’ in my emotional landscape involve things like – road rage or getting overly irate about news events. This is when I know I need to take a step back, recover my sense of humour and chill the f*%k out.

Ways to chill out and be more relaxed

Maintain a sense of humour

Please don’t take life too seriously. It’s not good for your blood pressure. The end result is the same for all of us so we may as well try to amuse ourselves as much as possible inbetween. Take deep breaths and get some persepctive back in your life.

See the funny side

You can choose to let every littlr thing get you down or you can choose to detach slightly and try to see the funny crazy side of life. We live in a ‘circus’ really!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Learn to pick your battles and let go of the smaller stuff. Really – learn to LET IT GO. It’s not worth your focus and energy.

Don’t overthink/over analyse

Don’t allow yourself to spend endless hours on things that drive you up the wall. Lay off watching the news for a while and listen to happy music instead. Watch a romcom…just do something else. What you focus on creates your reality. If you keep fpcusing on what upsets you, you will spend more time unhappy. Who wants that?

Do more think less

Make plans and keep busy. reserach shows time and time again that spending time with others keeps up happy, busy and inspired – as long as it’s the right kind of people of course. Limit time with those you find toxic or emotionally draining and incrcease your time with people who make you smile and inspire you.

Leisure time is important

Make time for fun and playtime. Very important. Life doesn’t have to be so serious but now and then we need a gentle reminder!

Mandy X


Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash