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Mandy Kloppers

Keep your chin up



Keep your chin up

Focus on the good stuff

Life can be a tough old game. I try to get through the tricky times by being philosophical and one of my favourite sayings is “Keep your chin up”. Don’t let life wear you down. We are all in this together despite often feeling alone and isolated. I love it when people share their experiences instead of trying to pretend that their lives are perfect.

Being a therapist, I get to see the ‘under belly’ of society and I can assure you that, without exception, everyone has something that they are struggling with to varying degrees.

Focus on yourself not what others think and do

Instead of judging others, I always try to have empathy and understand why someone has chosen to act in a specific way – it usually comes from lack of love, feeling misunderstood or poor problem-solving skills. Whatever the reason, remember we can all help each other out and show empathy to other people’s distress, Maybe that sounds to idealistic but the world would be wonderful if there was more love, kindness and tolerance.

When life feels hard, don’t isolate yourself, reach out to others – there are many who care and who can help. Keep the faith and never give up hope. Hope can pull you though many difficult situations. easier said than done, I get that but worth trying to achieve nonetheless.

That’s partly why I write this blog, when I get one person writing to me to tell me a post has inspired them or helped them in a small way, it fills me with a wonderful feeling of hope and contentment.

Tomorrow is another day and if you feel at rock bottom, remember that the only way is up! Life is a series of trial and error, ups and downs. Put fear aside and hope in your pocket…reach out to others and above all keep your chin up.

Mandy X