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Just go crazy

I don’t ever swear on this blog (although I do swear a lot in my daily life…tut tut) but I just need to say this – FUCK IT. Sometimes you just have to go crazy! It’s good to break out from all the rules and rigidity placed upon us and let rip. Go skinny dipping or run naked through the rain (as long as it’s warm enough)..or spend all day in doors watching moves and pigging out on your favourite food. YUM.

Seriously, there is so much pressure on us to exercise, be good, do the right thing, eat the right stuff blah blah..it gets so boring!! I don’t know about you but I get tired of all the formality and protocols forced upon us. The more people there are on this planet, the more rules there will be and the more personal freedoms will be curtailed. Something more positive now…

This post is about giving yourself permission to just go crazy. Live a little and stop suppressing your urges – just as long as you don’t plan on doing anything illegal! Thought I’d better just add that bit in – don’t want to be misconstrued.

Be brave – tell that person you think they are cute. Pinch a strangers bum…just go crazy. Why not I say?

Some ideas if you’re lacking your own:

Fart in a packed elevator (sorry I know that’s a bit naughty but funny)

Give a stranger a hug

Tell someone how much you like them

Buy flowers for a stranger

Pay for a stranger’s cup of tea/coffee

Run around your garden naked

Spend a day under the duvet with your favourite films and food

Throw a ‘sickie’ and take the day off from work – go do something fun instead

Buy yourself a kid’s toy – like a remote car, hovercraft etc…

Wear that crazy cardigan/jumper that no one else likes but that you love

Book that round-the-world trip..just do it!

Apply for that job that you don’t think you’re qualified for..what have you go to lose?

Say something outrageous (and possibly out of character) and then leave the room

Go on a roller coaster, bungi jump etc  try something new

You get the idea – just have some fun. Break out of those ‘shackles’ and be a little outrageous..be daring. I give you permission!

I’m off for a run around my garden now …

Mandy X

PS. be kind though and do no harm 🙂


Image: courtesy of Abundant Mama