Self Improvement

Mandy Kloppers

I’ve lost my way

“I’ve lost my way” is something I have heard many times over the years from friends and clients alike. I have lost my way too at various stages in my life. Part of life is feeling lost and if you’ve never felt lost you must be doing something wrong.

When I was 30 years old, the 10 year relationship with my son’s father came to an end and although it was a new beginning, it was also scary and I felt petrified at the idea of having to stand on my own two feet. I felt I was incapable of paying bills, making decisions alone and bringing up a child with little work experience. I lost my way and did a few things I probably wouldn’t normally have tried. Instead of being destructive on a long term basis, these ‘experiments’ strengthened me and made me realise I was stronger than I previously thought. This was a revelation.

So, accept as a part of life the fact that you will feel lost at times. You will feel frightened and unsure and may be full of self doubt. Welcome to life! Know that these unsure times won’t last though and see each of there unsettling platforms as a learning curve in your life. Almost like a link between two phases in life where you are learning and growing. When I lost my way, I saw it as an opportunity to search inside and find out my strengths and weaknesses. I also acknowledged that it was an uncomfortable place to be but that out of sadness usually comes personal growth.

I believe we are meant to learn life lessons as we continue out lives and that these lessons help us to grow and improve, to become more enlightened individuals. The sad times come to us for a reason. They teach us and encourage us to reflect. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to emotional wellbeing and personal development.

When you are in the ‘eye of the storm’ and don’t know which way is up, remind yourself that this awful feeling will pass. In the meantime, try to understand what decisions led you to be in the predicament you are in and see where you can learn from the past. You cannot fail if you are learning – in my view the two are mutually exclusive. Be kind to yourself and congratulate yourself on being alive, like the rest of us. You are riding the mad ‘wave’ called life – welcome!

Mandy X




Photo by vincentfinn99