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Mandy Kloppers

It’s only good on the surface


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It’s only good on the surface

The title of this post is something I have come to realize over my many years working as a counsellor. I have learned this not only through my work but also through my personal life. I find it odd how we all behave. It is frequently the case that we pretend life is super when in fact we all have worries, self doubt and issues with other people. Despite this, we paste on a smile and act as if life is perfect. There’s nothing wrong with this but what this leads to is false assumptions that everyone is having a great life and that we aren’t. How wrong can you be?

Don’t get taken in by the perfect life scenario – it is never the case. Some of us are just more open than others. Some of us are also more self aware whereas others are in denial in order co cope. No matter how people present themselves, it is an illusion that others have a perfect life with no problems – even if that is why they try to lead you to believe.

We are in this crazy mad life together and we all have our cross to bear. Many of us get taken in by others people’s ‘surface life’ and it leads us to feel worse about ourselves. I wanted to write this post to let readers know that I regularly get to see below the surface and see what really goes on. People open up to me – that’s my job and it has reminded me of how no one is exempt from life’s trials.

Life is tricky, it’s challenging and we are all experiencing the highs and lows. I wish in some ways we could all present a more human, ‘real’ side as this would help connect us more and feel less lonely when we are experiencing trouble and strife.

Remember that you are not alone when the going gets tough and that the life you see in the movies and in the media is the glossy surface…real life is always a little more complicated, triggers our insecurities  and tests us constantly.

Mandy X


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