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Mandy Kloppers

It’s been too long…

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Structure in life is generally a good thing, the problems come in when structure turn us into automatons. We fit into our routines and it becomes a safe ‘cage’ for us to live in. Humans are creatures of habit and if we aren’t careful, our lives become passive and we stop finding pleasure in the things we used to enjoy. Do you ever find yourself thinking “it’s been too long since…”

How has your routine encroached upon life’s little pleasures? For me it’s been too long since I went for an indian head massage. It’s also been too long since I took a proper break away from housework and chores.

So many people feel guilt when they pursue an activity that gives them pleasure. Hedonism is out, self sacrifice is in. Well, I certainly don’t subscribe to this philosophy. Everything in balance of course, but time out is essential for everyone. If others want to work themselves to bone and feel like martyrs, let them but don’t be taken in by the pressure from others.

Enjoy a small selfish pleasure every day, whether it’s a long soak in the bath, that cupcake beckoning you from the fridge or putting your feet up an watching a movie. When we fill our ‘pleasure tanks’ up, we have more to give out to others. It is often those people that deny themselves that end up being argumentative and resentful.

Go on, spoil yourself. Make your own “it’s been too long” list and start working through it, starting today.

Mandy X

Photo by avrene

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