Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

It’ll be okay

Life is scary a lot of the time. Things happen that are beyond our control and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had some trauma in their life. It makes me sit and question why this is so. Why life has to be so darned difficult. Why people can’t just get stuck in and help each other out. Why kindness is sometimes seen as weird because we have become so accustomed to people just looking out for themselves.

I have to tell myself that “it’ll be okay”. Sometimes just saying these words quietly to myself helps me to feel more at peace. “Okay” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I get that, but self soothing is far better than catastrophising and freaking out.

Taking a giant step back from all the pain and the suffering, not in a detaching uncaring way, rather in a philosophical way can help to cope with the troubles in the world.

How to encourage an “It’ll be okay” mindset

Give back to others without expecting anything in return

Give money to charity, volunteer somewhere if you have time or just help a stranger out. It feels good to put out positive kindness into the world.

Be kind

Be willing to help make the world a better place. Smile at strangers (even if they think you are mad, they will still like it), help someone weaker than you.

Be intolerant of unkind behaviour

Animal abuse, child abuse, human right’s injustices – if you are ever in a position to say or do something, don’t hesitate! Perhaps your purpose here is to set certain unkind acts straight. never miss an opportunity within your reach to do something impactful.

See yourself as united with everyone else

When we perceive ourselves as separate or better than others we can detach and end up living in our ignorant bubbles, pretending not to see what’s really going on in the world. When you accept that suffering is something we all share to a degree, in that we are all human and all in ‘this life’ together – we tend to have more compassion for our fellow human beings.

Think beyond yourself

I’m a bit of an idealist but I love the idea of everyone being philanthropic, of caring for the world rather than just focusing on our next pay cheque or next sexual encounter. This is small minded thinking. Think beyond yourself, think big. Help yourself of course, but do your bit to help others.

Less is more

Having loads of money and possessions isn’t the source of happiness. It sure helps but true happiness comes from laughing with others, feeling connected, like someone ‘gets you. This fills you far more than money. Capitalism has it all wrong.

One person can’t fix the planet but collectively we could achieve gigantic change. My goal is to be kind even if it is mistaken for madness! I plan to smile at strangers, give a homeless person my spare change and help those weaker than me to have a voice. That helps me to feel it’ll be okay.

Mandy X