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‘It is what it is’ A positive guide to facing up to life-changing experiences, including loss.

The book portrays how life challenges shape the person you become. A person that can dig deep, and find immense inner strength and positivity. Past experiences and how you dealt with them can be drawn upon to deal with the hardest, most devastating event of all – loss.

Julie’s life with her husband Cas was one of love, contentment, and achievement. They were 5 years into an idyllic retirement when tragedy struck in 2018. In an instant, life was shattered. All future plans together were gone.

Life-changing experiences

‘Grief is individual, unique in how it is felt, expressed, and dealt with. I wrote a journal from day one, continuing for 14 months. I cannot believe that I wrote such vindictive, harsh, and condemning comments as my unplanned, unwanted journey through grief continued. As I reflect on those dark days, I do not recognize myself. I certainly did not like ‘me’ at that time.

It takes a brave person to share extracts from a journal, to lay bare such personal emotions. However, Julie wants to portray an honest account of the true feelings of disbelief, despair, and grief, not often spoken about. Her bizarre and extreme emotions were not only felt but also verbally expressed and directed to family and friends – to the very people who cared about her.

Her recovery to finding herself again has been grueling, to say the least. She has had to find ways to ‘put the lid on’ 3 healing boxes, find her way out of the dark pit she was in, and then find a purpose. Her purpose presented itself in COVID-19, where the pandemic needed an army of nurses to take on the challenge to vaccinate. Julie has been involved in the vaccination of over 8,000 people. She continues to work in the NHS on a flexible, part-time basis.

‘I soon realized that I had two choices – to survive and live an alternative life, an option B to what was planned, or to continue the decline in health and stay stuck in grief. I decided that I must not only survive, but also live a life of positivity, adopt a positive mental attitude, and feel gratitude for what I have and indeed for what I had. I truly believe that positivity, setting goals, and achieving them, have got me to where I am today. I am living my option B life with Pete, whom I have known for 32 years. I am in my house of 24 years, which I love but nearly sold. My 3 sons are living their lives and are happy that I am living mine’

Julie’s book ‘It is what it is’ has been written to help others. The initial, limited editions were printed for family and friends to buy. All profit from these sales was donated to the British Heart Foundation. She hopes readers understand that it is OK to express how you feel, you have an excuse. But then to try and park those emotions and adopt a positive mental attitude to guide you through the long arduous journey of grief.

It is what it is’ by Julie Morehen is officially on sale from 31st March, and can be ordered HERE

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