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The wanted Dissident Who Became the UK’s Most Innovative PTSD & Trauma Leading Expert

Hiding a Dark Secret

Barb Smith Varclova’s life has been a journey marked by resilience, from growing up as a dissident in a hostile environment to becoming a leading pioneer in Complex PTSD treatment. Her story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Growing up was exceptionally challenging for Barb. Her family, as dissidents, were treated as traitors, outcasts, and sub-humans. In addition to the struggle for survival and dire poverty, they lived with the constant fear that any family member could be taken away at any time, never to return. Her father, a brilliant inventor and language expert, was under constant threat and control by the communist government in Prague. Barb witnessed her family being terrorized and her father arbitrarily taken by the secret police, never knowing if he would return. Their lifeline, her grandfather, who served as Deputy Minister, played a crucial role in securing her father’s release when he was on the brink of being imprisoned indefinitely.

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Barb faced her first near-death experience at the tender age of 4 when she was missed by just a few centimetres of nearly two tons of snow falling from the roof of an apartment building in Prague centre. Her mother miraculously survived with a broken neck but was often hospitalized due to stress and health issues from her injuries. Barb took on the responsibilities of running the household, including cleaning and cooking for her two siblings. The constant surveillance and oppressive atmosphere took a toll, and as a teenager, she developed chronic fatigue syndrome.

At the age of 28, a life-altering car accident almost claimed Barb’s life. Swerving to avoid a head-on collision with a truck, she suffered a near-fatal crash that broke her neck vertebra’s and shattered her spinal discs. Lacking immediate medical assistance, she was on the brink of death but was rescued in the nick of time, thanks to the nearby opening of a groundbreaking spinal hospital with innovative treatments.

Despite the hardships, Barb’s determination and pursuit of a life of service helped her survive the traumas. Her journey led her to become a prominent figure in the field of trauma expertise and leadership. Despite being told she couldn’t have children, she embarked on a new chapter and, at the age of 31, had a baby. She survived the hardship of long unemployment after the economic market collapse in 2008 and built up herself again. Her move to the UK in 2015  after she met her husband, just before changes in relationships with the European Union, marked a turning point in her life.

In recent years, Barb has emerged as a trailblazing pioneer in “Trauma Response Reprogramming” and “Complex PTSD Blueprint”. Her groundbreaking innovations and quantum healing techniques have made a significant impact in areas such as multiple sclerosis, anxiety, anger management, confidence-building, trauma, panic attacks, insomnia and eating disorders. Her approach marks a paradigm shift in the treatment of CPTSD, moving away from conventional methods that merely “dilute symptoms” to a more comprehensive approach of “turning off traumatic responses,” guiding individuals toward recovery, freedom, and purposeful life.

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