Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

Inadequate Tips for Being Happier

Happiness is elusive for many people. Life is hard and there are added complications of modernity. We have never been more connected online and more disparate in real life. Our lives are more comfortable than they’ve ever been, but our biology demands that we create conflict to solve. Being happy has never been easy, for anyone. Life is inherently violent and balancing that violence with contentment is a tightrope walk. Whether you are trying to be happy or want to help your child be happier, below are some inadequate tips for finding happiness.

Wake Up Early

When you are trying to fix a sad life, you should be sure to wake up at a reasonable hour. Waking up early gives you more time. You wake up before everyone and feel more prepared. You will feel like you can get what you need to do and enjoy yourself at a leisurely pace. Furthermore, when you wake up early you can start the day with something you enjoy. You can begin each day right. Whether you are trying your best to get more done or want more time in your day, waking up early always helps.

Sleep Enough

Even though it’s good for you to wake up early, you should still make sure to sleep enough. Sleep is pivotal to your health. If you aren’t getting enough quality rest, your mind won’t be at its prime. You won’t perform as well as you would if you got enough rest. When you’re going to wake up early, you should get to bed early. Sleep will help you be a happier, more productive version of yourself. Whether you are working a lot or are just doing your best to stay happy, sleep is pivotal.

Get Enough Exercise

At this point it’s become a cliché, but if you aren’t getting enough exercise this will affect your mental health in all kinds of ways. Working out is an essential component of your physical and mental well-being. After all, your mind and body are connected. You might hate exercise but try it. When you put in the effort to work out, you’ll feel so much better. You will be able to get a handle on your anxiety and depression. You will think more clearly. There’s no way around it, exercise is essential to your mental health and happiness.

Drink Less 

Drinking alcohol is not good for your mind. If you aren’t happy, you will make it worse by drinking. Alcohol is a depressant that won’t help your happiness in the long run. You will feel happy and euphoric in the moment, but when you drink all the time you won’t be as content as you would be if you didn’t drink at all. It will give you social anxiety. Alcohol is also an inflammatory substance, which leads to all kinds of other health problems. If you’re trying to be happy, drinking is simply not the answer.

Do What You Love

No matter how busy you are or how much you must do, it’s vital to do what you love. Every day, make time for something you love. It will invigorate your life and inject happiness into your day. You will be more likely to live a fulfilled and content life when you are doing things you love. It doesn’t matter what it is. The important thing is that you do it.

No matter what your life is like, happiness is difficult to achieve. Even if you are rich and have everything in your life, you can still be unhappy. It’s important to do your best, but when your best doesn’t feel good enough, what do you do? If you are sleeping well, waking up at a reasonable hour, eating well, and exercising enough, and doing what you love and you still don’t feel happy, it’s not your fault. You could need additional assistance.

Sometimes, if you are depressed, anxious, or have something else going on, you might need medication. There’s no shame in that. If you are giving it your all and still don’t know what to do to better happiness, you should consult a professional. You ‘ll be able to make your life a whole lot better with the right prescription.