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Improve your self belief

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Improve your self belief

“Whether you think you can we think you can’t, you’re probably right”-Henry Ford

How much do you back yourself? 0-100% ___________________

If not 100%, why not? If you don’t support and like yourself 100%, who will?

Ask yourself what this lack of self belief has cost you_______________________________________________


What difference would it make to your life if you double your self belief?

Visualise how you would act, appear, with double the self belief/confidence.

10 strengths you possess:











Achievements you’re proud of:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Self belief can mean the difference between success and failure. When we have self belief we communicate it to others whether we realise it or not. Those that believe in themselves tend to see failure as a temporary setback, they are willing to try new things and their self belief keeps them determined. Self belief can take you that extra bit further and that extra bit may be all that you need to finally succeed.

Have faith in your abilities and your ideas. Other people do not necessarily know better than you. There will always be people who tell you things cannot be done or who are sceptical and pessimistic. Tune those influences out and learn to tap into your inner resources.

Mandy X


Photo by symphony of love

Photo by symphony of love