Emotional Wellbeing



Mandy Kloppers

Imagine there’s no suffering

I think about the John Lennon song – Imagine. I imagine how the world could be:

No possessions

No religion (I believe religion creates barriers – and “us and them” mentality.

Kindness and compassion

No cruelty to living things

It’s what we all want. To feel safe and loved and secure. To be one big family.

john and yoko photo

Things to do:

Help out – donate or do something, take action: help charities

Be kind, do no harm

Speak out for those weaker than you – animals and humans

Believe the best about others

Try to understand “Why” instead of judging

Be open minded

Just because we are at the top of the food chain doesn’t mean that we have the right to believe/behave as if we are more important or superior to all other living creatures sharing this planet with us.


Mandy X

Photo by violarenate