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I tried Ozempic – the truth behind the weight loss injections

weight loss injections

I was exhilarated to say the least when I was able to get my hands on the weight loss injections. I initially started on the daily injections and then switch to the weekly injections as that seemed more convenient.
Food has always been a weakness for me and although I have never been clinically obese, my weight has fluctuated to the point where my wardrobe doesn’t fit me anymore. So initially I began on the lowest dose of 0.25 milligrammes and took that for one month and then went up to 0.5 milligrammes for another month. During the second month I notice to change, I was no longer obsessed by food and thinking about food the moment I woke up. This made a nice change from my usual constant thinking about food.

I took it slowly and I never stop myself but I lost enough weight that I returned to my ideal weight of 50 kilogrammes (7.8 stone). It felt marvellous to be able to wear whatever I liked.

The disadvantages of Ozempic

I was on the weight loss injection called Wegovy, which is very similar to ozempic. Wegovy acts on areas of the brain which are involved in regulating your appetite. It increases feelings of fullness, reduces feelings of hunger and reduces the preference for high-fat foods. It also reduces blood sugar by promoting the release of insulin when blood sugar levels are high. As much as I loved what Wegovy did for me in terms of weight loss, my life was turned upside down on a psychological level.

Low mood and no motivation

Wegovy messed about with my hormones and interrupted the effects of other medication that I was taking, in particular my hormone replacement therapy medication.

The symptoms I had from taking Wegovy:

Extreme fatigue
No motivation
Low mood
Brain did not function as in, no new ideas and no enthusiasm to do anything
Facial skin started getting acne
No energy
Withdrew socially
Gallbladder issues which could be unrelated
Nauseau (luckily this wasn’t an issue for me)


in general, I was literally a BLOB getting through the days with no plans and no goals. I managed to do the minimum every day and kept the house in order but that was about as far as it went. There were other things going on in my life so I it is unfair to blame all of my symptoms on the weight loss injections.

However since stopping the weight loss injections, my brain is firing on all cylinders again. In fact it is too busy some days but I am finally thinking up new blog ideas and feeling more enthused about things.
This blog post is not about why you shouldn’t take ozempic or Wegovy. Rather it is a cautionary tale and as far as I know my symptoms were relatively rare. Most people seem to do very well on the weight loss injections and many people who had weight loss issues or now singing the praises of these new drugs.

It’s very important to adjust your general lifestyle though while you are on these weight loss injections, because if you don’t change your eating style to a healthier version you will forever need these injections to maintain your weight.
The active substance in Wegovy, semaglutide, is a ‘GLP-1 receptor agonist’. It acts in the same way as GLP-1 (a natural hormone in the body) and, among other things, appears to regulate appetite by increasing a person’s feelings of fullness, while reducing their food intake, hunger and cravings. Hormones are very powerful and can completely transform a person’s character depending on the various levels.

Overeating and mental health

many of us get stuck in the cycle of overeating and then being angry at ourselves over and over again. Overeating often has emotional causes and seeing a therapist to tackle the underlying root causes can make a huge difference in your relationship with food.
Many people struggle with overeating when they are bored, upset or lacking in dopamine. Therapy can help uncover low self-esteem issues, issues with overthinking and reduce overeating.

My main issue was that I had gained weight since going through menopause and my overeating was not connected to any mental health issues. My weight is at a good level now as I gained useful habits while I was taking Wegovy. I have done my best to stick to these and I do allow myself treats now and then. We all need to live life in balance and not to be too obsessed about our weight.

Do yourself a favour and get naked in front of the mirror and observe your natural human form. If you catch yourself nitpicking or being negative about what you see, stop and reset. Focus back on your body and if you can’t be positive at least be neutral. Thank your body for all that it does for you and learn to appreciate how hard your body works for you every day.

Now that it is summer I hope that you can all enjoy time outdoors not feeling too body conscious because life is too short to care about what other people think. Self acceptance is a key part of a happy life. Enjoy your body no matter what size you are, the better your relationship is with your body the healthier your body will be.

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