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I Need A Good Night’s Sleep. Can Green Dragon Kratom Help?

Kratom is a traditional South-East Asian medicinal plant that is the source of a lot of buzz and excitement in herbalism, as a promising and novel answer to many diseases and disorders plaguing the modern world. Today, we will understand the story behind Kratom and how Green Dragon Kratom can help you sleep better.



Mitragyna speciosa, better known as Kratom, is a tree native to the evergreen and torrid rainforests of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The plant occupies a place of pride in the local medical systems, but it wasn’t until the advent of modern scientific analysis that they uncovered the secrets behind it. Kratom derives its properties predominantly from two alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Local tribes use it for pain relief, boosting libido, and treating wounds. The methods of consumption are varied and versatile, ranging from teas to powders to poultices.


Kratom has a duality in effects depending on the dosage, making it unique as a phytomedical product. In low quantities, it induces a stimulating effect similar to caffeine, restoring energy and vitality. On the other hand, morphine-like sedative effects take over in more significant concentrations, inducing relaxation and alleviating pain and discomfort. As the plant has been picked up for industrial production and trade by various parties, it is now available in more ‘modern’ forms, such as capsules, concentrates, or tablets.


Depending on how and where the plant is created and grown, Kratom is divided into various ‘strains,’ like other commercial crops. Each has its unique strength and properties. However, a strain is subdivided into three varieties (red, green, and white) in every case. This classification depends on the maturity of the leaf used in manufacturing. Early in its life, the leaf’s veins are white, leading to the production of white Kratom. As the leaf ages, the veins turn green and then red. This happens due to an increase in the concentration of sedative alkaloids in the organ. Thus, the older a leaf, the higher potency for sedation it has. Red-veined Kratom has the highest concentration of sedative compounds used as addiction substitutes, analgesics, and depressants. White Kratom, conversely, has a maximal stimulating potency, improving energy, focus, and alertness. Green Kratom falls midway, offering mild benefits from both sides that lead to a general sense of health and wellbeing.

Green Dragon Kratom

Green Dragon Kratom is a uniquely potent blend that was first created and sold by Maya Distribution LLC. We made it by combining a large number of green-veined Kratom varieties. However, there are many such blends in modern times that all carry the name of ‘Green Dragon’ but are mixed from totally different constituents. However, as the name would imply, it is a powerful and highly effective tool for obtaining the effects it is meant for. Most varieties of this blend are designed to provide energizing and euphoric effects, but it can also help provide relaxation and pain relief as a green variety.


Green Dragon is most often used recreationally due to its euphoric potential and has therapeutic and medicinal applications in some instances, especially as stress relief and stimulants.

Can Green Dragon Kratom Help You Sleep Better?

Green Dragon Kratom is not usually made to be a sleep aid directly. It often ranks poorly in terms of sedative and analgesic power. However, it can help you indirectly by removing barriers that prevent you from having proper rest. For example, a large part of the inability to sleep is caused by a stress response, which forces your body into a constant state of alertness and impairs your relaxation. Persistent worrying or obsessing over things going on in your life, like family issues or impending deadlines, can also prevent you from adequately allowing yourself to take a rest. In such cases, green Dragon Kratom can energize you and induce a euphoric feeling that can help you shrug off your troubles and ease into a decent night’s sleep.


If you need something more robust, you can go shopping for more specialized sub-types of Green Dragon that lay more emphasis on its sedative sides and use it directly as a sleep aid. For more advanced users, mixing and matching it with other strains and creating your custom blend can provide you with a set of effects tailor-made to your needs. However, this requires a fair bit of knowledge, experience, and trial-and-error to pull off. It is probably better for most beginners to stick to pre-mixed commercial blends available on the market. Due to their wide variety, you are almost guaranteed to find something that fits your needs to some extent.

Bear in mind that Green Dragon Kratom is a potent strain compared to most others that are marketable. We should take it with serious thought given to the dosage as it may otherwise overwhelm even seasoned Kratom users. That can lead to a breathtaking array of side effects, which may even be fatal. When you are starting, it is always a prudent course of action to use a limited amount to figure out your tolerances and then adjust as necessary. In the end, experience is always the best way to arrive at an amount that is both safe and fulfills your requirements.


Before using Kratom, you should consider that it is still a relatively new and developing field of research. Many aspects of the industry, such as side effects, production methods, dosage, and potential use cases, are under constant scrutiny and challenge and may change going forward. Due to lax regulations, the growing, manufacturing, and processing of Kratom are not always held to high safety standards. Though the danger is relatively minimal with reputed suppliers, there is still a high chance Kratom bought off the market will be ineffective, contaminated with other drugs, or even toxic due to impurities. Always scrutinize the product and ask for purity reports from a recognized laboratory before purchasing any alternative medicine product.

Featured image: Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

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