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Mandy Kloppers

I am not good enough

Do you feel “good enough”? This sentence “I am not good enough” is one that many of us tell ourselves on occasion. Sometimes we don’t even realise that we feel this way about ourselves..but consider the following:

Do you change who you are for the benefit of others? If you change yourself it would suggest that basically you believe that you are not acceptable as you are and that if you are true to yourself, others might reject you.

Other ways in which this statement “I am not good enough” manifests itself is when we compare ourselves to others. We look at other people’s ‘highlight reels’ and compare it to our ‘behind the scenes footage’ and then buy in to the false illusion that others live grander more exciting lives than we do. This leaves us not feeling good enough. We compare ourselves on so many levels – cars, houses, spouses, children, jobs, holidays…but we forget the most important comparison – who is the most fulfilled and the most content? You cannot tell that by looking at the surface of another person’s life.

They might be looking at your life and feeling the same way = inadequate.

So, it’s wasted energy comparing yourself to others – stay centred, mindful and work on you and where you want to be.

To be “good enough” is to accept who you are whilst acknowledging areas for improvement. I can look at myself in the mirror and accept what I see whilst acknowledging the flabby bits that need work…
Self love is vital and we could all use a bigger dose of it. Love yourself and others will buy into the idea that you are a worthwhile person. Loathe yourself and put yourself down and people will accept that reality as well – so which do you want it to be?

Mandy X


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