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How Working with a Focused Life Coach Can Change Your Life

Life coaching is a practical and useful service industry that has come to stay. It is more than just counseling; it is a partnership that results in changes in the core of an individual. Most people think that it is counseling, but we will clarify that in this article. So, if you want to know how a focused coach can change your reality, keep reading.

What Is Life Coaching?

This is sometimes also called consulting. It is a career where the Coach understands the principles that make for success in a general sense as well as its application. They also impart that knowledge to other people who desire to be successful both in career and in their personal lives. Feeling lost and finding yourself may not seem like an easy task. Your mind is racing with the question of “how exactly do I find myself again?” It is easier than it seems with the right help to walk you through every step of the way.

Additionally, such a coach can help you overcome anxiety and stress. Imagine doing a job that you do not like; you feel like you are stuck in it. And to make matters worse, you do not have enough money to transition to another job. In this case, a coach can help you discover a job that tallies with your purpose. As soon as you both have discovered that career path, the coach will guide you into developing an action plan for the transition.

Counseling vs Life Coaching: What’s the Difference?

Counseling and coaching are both based on the same premise. And this is because every person undergoes some form of pain in their lives. Some people undergo stress, they feel stuck, they lack motivation and do not know the next best step to take in at any given time. So, who do you need to turn to for help, a counselor, or a life coach?

The major difference between counseling and coaching is the way they approach issues. A life coach focuses on helping you to create a new path in your existence in order to attain some goals. They keep your focus on the present and what will happen next. Counselors, on the other hand, focus on a particular problem and investigate the root cause, then find solutions to that problem, while emphasizing “healing” as the major objective.

You may want to read more about their differences in this article.

From both explanations, we can see that coaching helps you to take action and be responsible for your success or failure. But counseling helps you to cope with a problem until you are emotionally balanced.

The Impact of a Life Coach on a Person

life coach

Let’s see how your existence can be different by working with a focused life coach.

1. Focus

Today’s world is a fast-paced one, where everyone has priorities and schedules. Sometimes, we find it difficult to make out time for ourselves, not to mention other people. But working with a coach helps you to place more attention on yourself, your dreams, and your aspirations.

Instead of approaching this from a point of self-indulgence, you can look at it from a point of personal development. This will help you to move above the distractions from the society, family, or peers. When you stay focused, you can truly consider the things that are important, so you can move forward beyond your expectation.

2. Perspective

Life coaches do not tell people how they can live their lives. They would rather guide people into making decisions that will benefit them the most. This may sound simple to some but identifying your goals or what you desire out of your day to day living can be quite difficult. Let’s look at it this way: have you ever thought you desired something and when you achieved it, you felt like nothing had happened?

A life coach can help you to identify your desires, dreams, and aspirations by asking you the right questions. The answers to those questions will bring you back to the basics, giving you clarity. At the end of the session, you will have a new perspective on your relationship, career, or your entire existence. You can find some questions a life coach can ask here: https://positivepsychology.com/life-coaching-questions/ 

3. Accountability

Working with a life coach makes you accountable for your goals. This involves setting goals that are realistic with timelines for their achievement. However, you need to understand what motivates or inspires you as that is what will fuel your desire to accomplish those goals.

Simply telling someone about your goals increases the chances of achieving them. Most times, you really want to achieve your goals, but you do not know what holds you back. Now, when you bring a coach into the picture, they know when to push you to persevere and move from your comfort zone.

4. Emotional Support

We earlier stated that life coaching is different from counseling, but it can bring the same result when you are facing tough times. A coach can help you navigate the obstacles to enable you to move forward. They listen to what could be making you feel stressed or stuck and give you resources that can help change the course.

Whether you need to get away from a toxic relationship or change your work schedule, a life coach can provide the needed emotional support.

Do you feel like trying a session? You can check out Stevey J Life – Coach for some pointers on getting started on your journey to enhanced living.


Great benefits, right? Then you need a life coach. All the distractions and emotional downturns making you fail, feel stressed, or anxious will come to an end. Not a prayer but a simple statement of the fact that a focused coach can change your reality.


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