Mandy Kloppers

How to Use Flowers in Interior Design

Flowers are an excellent part of interior design that sometimes go ignored or are used haphazardly without much thought as to what they can accomplish. The good news is that the more you know about interior design, the better you can use flowers to their fullest potential. This being the case, let’s take a look at how to effectively use flowers for interior design.

Adding Color to a Room

One of the best things about flowers when used indoors is that they can add a lot of color to a room with little effort. Of course, to do this correctly it means you need to understand how colors work together so that you create the best combinations. This means matching flowers to the room and furniture, but also matching flowers to other flowers if you decide to use more than one type. It is also important to not overdo it when it comes to adding color or the room could end up looking gaudy. A general rule of thumb is to not have more than two main colors and to use neutral colors to balance everything out. Monochromatic aesthetics are also an option if you want to keep it simple and easy to pull off using faux floral arrangements.

Hide Awkward Areas

When you’re doing interior decorating, there may be times when things don’t work out like you’d want and you’re left with awkward areas that you simply can’t do anything about. One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to use flowers to cover up these spaces and distract from them. For example, if your furniture arrangement leaves an odd gap on one side of the room, you can use a floral arrangement to fill it in and improve the general aesthetic of the room. This technique works in many different scenarios and will make a good impression overall if used correctly.

Liven Up Your Hallways

Hallways are some of the most neglected areas of a home when it comes to interior decorating. Many people see them as simply a way to get from one area of the home to another, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from floral arrangements. Since there is limited space in a hallway, your options will also be limited. However, the bright side is that the limited space of a hallway will instantly draw more attention to the flowers. Popular options for placement would be the end of the hallway, hanging from the walls if there is enough room, or even hanging from the ceiling if it is high enough.

Filling Up Shelves

Having a shelf is a great way to add flavor to a room, but sometimes it can be difficult to fill up the shelf with objects that fit the general aesthetic. Flowers are a great option in this case since they can help fill out the shelf while adding a touch of color and texture to it. This is especially nice if you have objects that can provide a contrast to the floral arrangement such as vases, books, or statuettes. The main thing to remember is to not overdo it with the flowers. You want them to stand out and add flavor, not completely overtake the shelf and dominate it.

Decorating Tables

Speaking of keeping it simple, adding flowers to a table is a great way to take it from bland to fresh and exciting. Once again, however, it is important not to overdo it with the flowers. A simple vase of flowers in the center of the table is oftentimes more than enough to get the job done. In other cases, having several arrangements of flowers may be a good idea in the case of long tables. It is also important to take into account the general aesthetic of the table and make sure that the flowers and their container complement it. If the look is too radically different, it could come off as garish.

Create Motivational Posters

There are a number of graphic design services that will allow you to create beautiful motivational posters to complement a room. You can use a variety of designs and fonts to create an inspirational quote poster to frame and hang on your wall.

Finding the Perfect Floral Arrangement for Your Home

One of the main things to consider when it comes to interior design with flowers is that you need to have a good understanding of your home’s aesthetic and pick flowers that work with it instead of against it. This will help you to enhance the look of your home without creating combinations that clash or diminish it. All it takes is a little thought and consideration to pick the perfect floral theme for your home.