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Mandy Kloppers

How to Understand Mysterious Symbols in a Dream?

We live in a time of great discoveries and the rapid development of science. Man explores space but still does not fully understand the nature of dreams. There are many opinions about the meaning and influence of the images we see while sleeping. Most images are our brain’s way of processing vast amounts of information. However, you should consider strange, mysterious, and recurring dreams. They happen infrequently and always carry an important message. Thus, you should remember all the details and emotions in a dream to interpret them correctly. 


Whether you believe in the intervention of higher forces in creating your dreams or are sure that this is the work of the subconscious, analyzing the signs will help you understand your emotions and even avoid trouble.

House With Many Rooms 

Such a sign symbolizes your individuality, desire, and fears. Depending on the details, which can be very many, the interpretation for each person will be different. Dreams about houses with many rooms can help you avoid many problems and succeed. 


If you dream of wandering around a huge empty house, this is a metaphor for your loneliness. Secret rooms draw attention to problems and aspects of your life that you do not pay due attention to. If you dream about buying a house with many rooms, this may indicate your desire for privacy.

Dream Within a Dream 

It’s unforgettable feelings you can experience while you sleep. Such dreams are more vivid and extraordinary. 


  • You perceive images on several levels as a sign of your desire to wake up from your real life and start from scratch.


  • Dream in a dream typically has an anxious mood. It symbolizes your fear of reality and the need for drastic changes. 


  • Paying attention to small details present in such an unusual dream is also necessary.

Recurring Dreams 

Such dreams most often carry a negative message. 


  • Recurring dreams can be almost the same every night or vary insignificantly. Consider details and your emotions, which remain unchanged. 


  • Such dreams may result from severe emotional stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even depression. 


  • An annoying plot is your subconscious mind’s way of drawing attention to unresolved problems that you are avoiding. If you correctly interpret the symbols and find the strength in yourself to change your life, you will stop seeing recurring dreams.



In general, the image of a labyrinth in a dream symbolizes your life path. 


  • If you get lost in the labyrinth, it means that many trials await you on the way to harmony and happiness. 


  • If someone or something is following you, this is a metaphor for feeling pressured to make an important decision.


  • The passage of the labyrinth is an encouraging sign. It says that soon you will find a way out of difficult life situations. 


  • Remember as many details as possible and find their meaning in the dream book. This interpretation will give you more answers. This may be the material from which the labyrinth is built, the presence or absence of dead ends, and other obstacles.

Voices in a Dream 

There are many elements in our dreams. However, hearing voices, as if someone is whispering in your ear in the middle of the night, is an exciting and strange experience.


  • If you hear illegible words, this may be a harbinger of the troubles awaiting you: severe disappointment or betrayal.


  • A hoarse and rough voice also draws your attention to the fact that there will be more difficulties in your life.


  • If someone who has died is talking to you, this may warn of serious trials.


  • Not only the words you hear are important, but also the intonation. If you hear the calm and soft voice of a loved one in a dream, this is a symbol of your strong relationship.


  • A note of anxiety means you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with the speaker in real life.


Dreams About the Same Person

Recurring dreams where you see the same person can pay attention to your emotional problems and interactions with others.


  • If you dream of a loved one, this indicates that you often think about and miss him or her. Worrying about relatives is natural. 


  • However, if this is a person not part of your family, then the subconscious mind draws your attention to the feelings you are trying to hide (both positive and negative).


  • An anxious person in your dream can warn of imminent trouble.


  • The stranger symbolizes personality traits you try to hide or not notice in yourself. A recurring dream with someone you do not know speaks of the denial of self-destructive tendencies.


Such mystical dreams are not always paranormal, but they definitely carry an important message. 


  • If you see a loved one who died, it means that you have not come to terms with his death. 


  • If you are a ghost in your dream, this may indicate feelings of guilt and painful memories that prevent you from finding peace. 


  • Also, such a dream indicates that you are afraid of death.


  • Ghosts in dreams rarely speak. Therefore, it is essential to remember all the details of sleep, even those that seem insignificant. They may be keys. The importance lies in the fact that a ghost’s image can often warn you of danger.


In this article, you have read only a small part of those mysterious images you can see in a dream. If you want to maximize the potential of your dreams, interpret them correctly. To do this, pay attention to the emotions that a certain image aroused in you and small details. Write down your dreams in a diary, and later interpret them using a dream book. It is better to look for meanings, not in tabloid newspapers but in blogs maintained by experts in the psychology of dreams. Understanding the symbols will help you build strong relationships and improve your mental health.


What are the most unusual images you saw in your dreams?