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How to Take Your Wedding From Average to Extraordinary

Whether you are walking down the aisle in the middle of a desert sunset or in a beautiful, wooden chapel located in your neighborhood, one thing remains the same. Every couple hopes to present a gorgeous day for their friends and families and to have a wedding that is more than just the norm. Often, the smallest, creative details can make the difference and turn your nuptials from average to extraordinary. Check out our favorite tips for achieving the ultimate, personal wedding event.

Be Unique In Telling Your Story

Every couple has special moments that have brought them together and helped define who they are as a pair. You can take advantage of your personal story by cleverly weaving it into the ceremony.

For example, writing your own wedding vows is one effective way to add uniqueness to your nuptials. You can quote from some of the greatest writers out there, or simply put pen to paper and create amazing, heartfelt reasons you have come together.

You could also each choose a speaker during the ceremony to express what love is all about to personalize your moment.

Another way to tell your story is to bring in a soloist to perform mid-ceremony with a song that means a lot to you and yours.

Choose An Artistic Person Behind The Lens

Your wedding photographs are a major component to your blissful wedding day, and although the backdrop to your event can catapult your nuptials to the next level, the sophistication, and professionalism of your wedding photographer will make a major difference.

Choose your photo expert carefully by looking at their wedding portfolios, word of mouth, and the creative images they like to produce. Are you both on the same page?

As a couple, you want a wedding that is tailored to your interests and taste, and the right photographer will be able to work with you and create those magical photos from your artistic perspective and theirs.

Also, look for photographers in your area. For example, if you live in Colorado look for Denver wedding photographers, to find the best fit for your wedding day.

Turn That Venue Into Your Own Corner Of The World

We know, the typical wedding venue is often set up with a certain routine or formula, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak the spot with some intimate details.

David Tutera, the famous A-list wedding planner to the stars, has some excellent tips for personalizing your reception venue.

Make the venue your own by changing the layout of the reception, and don’t forget to amplify the entire ceremony by having microphones set up so that everyone can hear each moment happening. Also, you could serve cocktails and appetizers in the main room, instead of having the standard cocktail hour.

Create a special item on the menu that you as a couple shared during the day you met, for instance.

Wedding planner pros like Tutera also recommend splurging on valet service. It is affordable and creates an elegant affair. It also ensures the safety of your wedding guests and allows them to leave with a positive and lasting impression.

Dance, Dance, Dance, Everyone!

Not only does a fabulous wedding have the bride and groom out on the dance floor, but the right music sets the tone and creates awesome wedding photography when guests are dancing at the reception.

Getting folks out of their seats is key.

Some wedding planners also suggest this as a nightcap to a glorious wedding event:

Allow a private dance set aside for the couple only at the end of the evening. Guests will be heading outside to send the couple off. This gives the wedded pair a chance to enjoy the celebration they just pulled off and to catch their breath.

As the couple walks out the door, have the guests wave sparklers in congratulations.

Rice is traditional, but lit sparklers are gorgeous, modern and will result in some beautiful photographs. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting hit in the face as you make your final walk away.

Let’s be frank. Weddings usually come with a ton of details and stress, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still make your nuptials unique and personal and go from ordinary to extraordinary. Consider our tips, try and relax, and best of luck!


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