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How to support a partner who is suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction can take its toll on your relationship. Physically, mentally and emotionally, it’s easy to become quickly detached from your partner and feel isolated, neglected and unloved. You may begin to question whether it’s you that’s causing the problems in the bedroom, or whether your partner still finds you attractive. While all these emotions are normal, it’s important to understand as much as you can about erectile dysfunction, support your partner as much as you can and of course, look after yourself.

Your partner might want to look at treatments together – click here to find out more about the P shot cost – or they may want to seemingly fight this battle on their own. Whatever their wishes, it’s still important that you support them as much as possible and avoid neglecting yourself in the process. Research alternatives and answer questions like: is tadalafil safe? Read on for some simple ways you can support a partner who is suffering from ED.

Brush up your knowledge

It’s a common misconception that only men over a certain age suffer from ED. So it’s never been more important to brush up your knowledge on the subject and find out as much as you can. The more you know about the condition the more likely you are to be able to support your partner and understand what they’re going through a little better. You could talk about lifestyle changes or possible treatments. Make yourself an advocate, and the more you know about the condition the more you’ll come to realise that ED isn’t anything to do with how much your partner is sexually attracted to you, but how their own health and testosterone levels are impacting their sexual abilities.

Let him know how you feel

Suffering from ED can make any man fear for his masculinity. It’s debilitating in more ways than one. So, with this in mind make sure that your partner knows how you feel about him, how attractive you find him and how much you value him. Knowing that you’re there and that your feelings haven’t changed will make him feel better.


You’re in a relationship, so your emotions and feelings are perfectly valid too. If you’re worried about something, feeling low etc, just communicate this to your partner. The more you open up to each other, the better you’ll be able to support each other and the closer you’ll become.

Remember there are other ways to be intimate

Intimacy isn’t always about penetrative sex. There are other ways you can keep each other happy and satisfied. Finding new ways to be intimate is a fun way to keep your sexual spark going and get closer. Just make sure your partner knows that he’s not under any pressure to perform.

Go with him to the doctors

He may not want to ask. But if you offer to go with him to his appointments, your partner will probably appreciate it. Even if he initially declines, let him know that the offer is still there if he changes his mind. There are tons of options anyone with ED can rely on, such as acoustic wave therapy for ED, supporting him will help him tons in the long run.

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