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How to stop overeating in lockdown

Trying not to overeat in lockdown could be one of the hardest challenges ever. I eat when I am stressed and bored and being so close to the kitchen all day every day is proving very tempting to my taste buds.

I was hoping to use this time to get healthy, fit and slimmer. So far it’s been tough to stick to this. I decided to try a few things to see if they would make a difference and they have started working for me. I thought it only fair to share with you…

Eat in front of a mirror

Now this is an uncomfortable experience but it works. I actually don’t like watching myself eat and it puts me off my food. I have found that using this tricks means that I eat less. I tend to eat what I need and almost always leave food on my plate. Eating in front of a mirror is an unpleasant experience but that is why it is effective.

Eat mindfully

When you do eat, eat slowly and chew your food properly. Focus on the food – the textures, flavours and aromas. Eating slowly allows the body to feel more satisfied and helps the brain to process the food and leave you with a satisfied feeling.

Don’t buy foods that you can’t resist

There are a few foods that I can’t resist. One of them is Crunchy Nut cereal and the other is bread with butter on. I especially enjoy Crunchy Nut as a midnight snack (another very bad habit). I have stopped buying these and the temptation has been removed. I crave these foods but knowing they aren’t available means that the craving passes quite quickly. Don’t leave temptations around you.

Put images on your fridge of your goal weight

Either put a photo up of when you were slimmer or a photo that you really like of yourself. You could also put images up from magazines if they inspire you. If they are on your fridge, it’s possible that they will give you a psychological nudge in the right direction and help you to leave food alone.

Eat only when you are hungry

This is a tough one. When I am bored I often find myself wondering into the kitchen and staring into the fridge. Nothing new will be in the fridge but somehow I am hoping something delicious and calorie free will jump out at me. Instead of going to the fridge, make sure you have things to distract your attention. Try paint-by-numbers, knitting, do a puzzle or any other activity that you can focus on instead of food.

I am still feeling flabby and doing my best to exercise more often but patience is in order with this goal. I am definitely losing weight though and have the above tips useful.

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

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