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How To Stop Ignoring Your Inner Wisdom

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How To Stop Ignoring Your Inner Wisdom

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~ Rumi


Your inner wisdom is there, trust me on this. The problem is that we have been conditioned to seek answers outside of ourselves. We ask others and we doubt ourselves when others disagree with us. Thing is – no one else has as much information, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, than you do. Of course, sometimes it pays to get an outside opinion, especially when strong emotions could our judgement but it should never become your staple diet of relied-upon-wisdom.

It would be easy to follow our inner wisdom if there was one inner message being sung to us. Unfortunately, we have self doubt and we have our lower functioning brain – sometimes referred to as our chimp brain or lizard brain. The “reptilian” brain, or the brain stem regions (the medulla & cerebellum) are the most primitive. They control  heart beat, digestion, respiration and body senses. This is why brain stem injuries can lead to such devastating physical handicaps while the person is still able to think clearly. This part of the brain works on a basic level in order to keep us safe but it is unable to read between the lines. Our primitive brain keeps us fearful and bombards us with questions such as:

“I can’t leave this relationship because I might never find someone else”

“I can’t start my own business because I might end up destitute and homeless”

“I can’t try that because it is unfamiliar, and anyway, what would everyone else say?”

It is crucial to move forward despite message from our primitive brain in order to self actualise and achieve the most out of our talents and skills and our life.

Our inner wisdom is connected to a greater wisdom that exists everywhere. We just need to tune into it and learn to cut through the noise of our primitive brain and the polluted opinions of others. By polluted, I mean that they too can operate from a place of fear where there inner wisdom has been buried under societal conditioning and the need to ‘go with the flow’ for an ‘easier’ life.

Learn to manage the primitive brain in order to surpass it’s limitations and reveal your true potential.

To stop ignoring your inner wisdom means taking the time to know what makes you happy. To limit things in your life that make you miserable and to actively change what detracts from you and your positive essential nature.

Honour that inner voice that nudges you when things aren’t right. Overrule the primitive brain and minimise fear that stops you from living your best life possible.

Mandy X


Photo by AlicePopkorn

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