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How to Smoke Live Resin and Enjoy Its Potency

You know we are always thinking of you and how to make your smoking experience better. With all the creativity we have been having. Lately, we have come up with some new nuances to an age-old act. 

Live resin is the latest rage in the marijuana world. What is it? What can you do with it? We are going to take a gander at both of these questions right now. 

Make sure to keep reading about how to smoke live resin. 


To smoke live resin and enjoy its potency, first, you’ll need a dab rig, a quartz nail, a dab tool, and the live resin itself. Begin by preheating your quartz nail with a torch and wait until it’s hot enough to dab. Once it’s hot, use your dab tool to take a small amount of live resin and place it onto the quartz nail. 

Then grab the dab rig, place your mouth on the mouthpiece, and inhale the vapor from the live resin. Make sure to keep the dab temperatures low in order to ensure that you get the most potency out of your hit. 


To live resin vape, one must first procure the tools necessary for vaping and a good quality live resin product. When at the point of preparing to vape, the first step is to make sure all components are in proper working order and the setup is properly grounded and insulated. 

Once the setup is confirmed to be leak-proof, the user should remove the mouthpiece from the device and fill the heating chamber by dropping a small amount, roughly the size of a grain of rice, into the chamber and replace the mouthpiece. Read this blog and enjoy why it’s becoming increasingly popular among marijuana lovers. 

Joint or Blunt Infusion 

Start by removing the inner paper lining of a rolling paper or blunt wrap, then crumble your live resin over the sticky side of the wrap. Gently use your finger to spread in an even layer, making sure to leave a small air pocket and enough wrap around the edges to roll. 

Roll up the paper with some ground leaves and fire up. Live resin is one of the most flavorful concentrates, and joint or blunt infiltration allows you to really taste its unique notes.  

Hot Knifing 

Gather two glass pipes. Place a gentle flame from a lighter underneath the larger pipe until it is hot, then place a piece of live resin onto the hot pipe. Once the resin starts to bubble and smoke, use the smaller pipe to quickly suck the vapors into the space between the pipes. 

When the desired amount of vapor has been achieved, release a controlled breath into the top of the larger pipe and inhale deeply. Once the vapor has been drawn into your lungs, exhale and enjoy the effects of the live resin. Repeat this process until the desired effects have been achieved.  

The Bottom Line: How to Smoke Live Resin 

Smoking live resin is a great way to enjoy the potent effects of cannabis. After following how to smoke live resin, you will have the ideal experience. When trying live resin for the first time, start slow and enjoy the flavor and effects. With some practice, you will become the best live resin smoker around! Try it for yourself now and experience the powerful benefits! 

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