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Mandy Kloppers

How to Set up an Outdoor Adventure

You might have spent too much time inside your house during the pandemic. Now that you’re vaccinated and safe to go outside, you must be wondering: How can you set up the perfect outdoor adventure? You might’ve been researching for a while, but you’ve finally come to the right place.

What Counts as an Outdoor Adventure?


Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor adventures on this list that people like to go to. Mainly because it is accessible in many cities, and you probably only need your car to get to the location. Hiking spots have also been commercialized, so they’re safe. Hiking can be a great break from your home treadmill to get some real walking action. 


Many people like to camp and hike together. Camping usually involves setting some shelter in a more woodland area and sometimes even spending multiple nights. It’s a great way to get away from your everyday routine and get a feel of nature that you have been missing out on.


A great family activity, fishing can be a great learning experience. It doesn’t just let you feel a part of nature but also gives you great skill in patience and concentration.

Beach Vacation

A day at the beach can be a great outdoor adventure. Beach holidays for single travellers is a great way to enjoy the sun and the surf. Many luxury beach vacations will have added benefits such as an open bar, food, boating options, fishing and surfing instructors, and more depending on where you are going.

Outdoor Photography

You might not have thought of this, but going out to take some pictures is part of outdoor activity. If you’re a fan of photography, then you probably do this a lot, but if you want to start, this is a great opportunity. All you need right now is your phone camera.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching is probably something you’ve only witnessed older men do in movies. But it can be enjoyable. The best part would be to travel to a more woodland area and research all the types of birds found within the region. Then it’ll be fun to identify which birds you see. It can be a great activity to even do with your friends.

How to Set up an Outdoor Adventure    

Join a Tour Group

Suppose you’re thinking of going on a camping trip or traveling even further and don’t have much information or experience. It’s best to join a tour group. Here you’ll be with professionals who know the best sites and routes so that you won’t waste your time or get in trouble. This is just one of the many hacks for outdoor adventures. Why not join your friends? If they don’t want to, you can still join and be with more inexperienced people like you!

Research, Research, Research!

Don’t go on an adventure without knowing what you’re going into. Suppose you want to climb a mountain with your friends. It would be best if you researched so many times. For example, how cold or hot it will be, the chances of rain, the best routes, and if there’s any chance of criminal activity. You might even check other people’s reviews of that location. It is not intelligent to be surprised at an event like this.

Pack Smart

Once you’ve done your research, you can pack accordingly. However, packing smart doesn’t mean packing everything you might need, and packing intelligent means making sure what you might need and packing light for ease of travel.

Travel Insurance

Are you traveling to a different location? You and your friends might live in the city but want to ski in the mountains. In such a situation, you might need travel insurance. This way, you and your friends are protected, and your gear is financially backed.

Benefits of Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor exercises have been associated with improved cardiovascular health and fitness, decreased obesity and blood pressure, and decreased risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes and cancer. Subjectively, outdoor activity and sports are linked to a higher quality of life and an improved overall perception of health. You can admit being in nature has some sort of a healing effect

Participating in sports and the great outdoors can strengthen ties between individuals and the communities in which they reside. It can promote social interaction and a stronger sense of group identity in kids. Activities outside can boost self-esteem. The feeling of being active and social can make you feel more confident.


If you’ve read this far, you probably realize that you should always try to be prepared when going on an outdoor excursion trip. Outdoor vacations are much more likely to let you experience the unexpected, so careful preparation is essential. It can save you a lot of headaches and keep you safe to plan for the worst-case situation.