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Mandy Kloppers

How to ruin your relationship

There are sure fire ways to ruin your relationship. Who knows, you may already be on your way to that relationship breakdown. If you quite like the person you are partnered up with, here’s a list of things not to do:

Ignore your partner’s needs

Being selfish is a brilliant way to irritate your boyfriend or girlfriend. Bring yourself a treat home and don’t get them anything. Better yet, book yourself a holiday on their credit card. This is sure to do the trick and make them really annoyed at you.

Being selfish in a relationship is something we are all capable of but a consistent selfish pattern won’t end in a happy-ever-after situation. No skipping off into the sunset here. If you care about your boyfriend or girlfriend, consider their needs too, at all times.

Have an affair

It’s not just having the affair that’s important. You need to make sure you get found out. Two glasses of wine left out should do the trick. Having an affair is usually quite a straight-forward way to ruin a relationship. Unless of course you are both into polygamy…if that’s the case, you’ll have to try a little harder.

Lie to them consistently

Dishonesty is a great deal breaker that will send most people into a tail-spin. Stay out late, have fun and get drunk. Tell them you are working late at the office and then come homme late and ring the doorbell loudly at 3am saying you’ve forgotten your keys. Works a treat! Lying comes easier to some and you will be able to ruin the relationship quicker. If you’re quite an honest person, you’re going to need some practise at telling porky-pies with a straight face.

Criticise them continually

Being told you’re useless and/or stupid on a regular basis will wear most people down over time. Consider the 80/20 rule – 80% of your communication should be neutral or positive and only 20% should be directive or negative for a happy relationship. Just reverse this ratio for a killer critical atmosphere. Make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to scrutinise the dishwasher packing abilities and remember to ditch the dinner they have made and order take-aways instead. People generally respond well to positive affirmations and criticism is bound to undermine them and ruin the relationship.

Don’t spend too much time with them

Keep busy just not with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Go on holidays with your friends and become a workaholic – perfect! Better yet – make plans and then cancel regularly. This should piss your partner off enough to get them to reconsider the relationship.

If however, you quite fancy your boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure to the opposite of the above.

Mandy X

Photo by Randy Colas on Unsplash