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Mandy Kloppers

How To Ride a Bike To Prevent Soreness

Riding pleasure begins with finding the most comfortable bike for women (and for men too). The proven standards for comfort on a bike include a custom fit for your bike, upright handlebars, a nice seat, and an overall ergonomic design.

If you ride your bike long enough, some level of soreness will eventually kick in. The most likely body parts to develop some pain are the shoulders, the lower back, the wrists, the knees and the seat. To minimize your soreness on any long ride, try these proven measures:

  • Wear comfortable, padded clothing such as spandex shorts and biking gloves
  • Make sure the bike is the right size for your body
  • Get a comfortable seat that provides cushioning 
  • Relax as you ride and try not to tense shoulders and arms
  • Take breaks as soon as you start to feel pain

The best riders pay close attention to what their body is telling them. Significant pain does not have to be part of your bike rides.

Precautions Before a Bike Ride

As with just about everything in life, staying well hydrated is a good strategy. This means drinking water even before you start to tackle an epic ride. You can also take rides that are appropriate for your fitness level. To take your biking to the next level, consider doing some of the best conditioning exercises for bikers.

A strong core is essential for challenging rides, and planks are the gold standard for strengthening the abdominals. You can do these just about anywhere, without the need for equipment, and it only takes three or four minutes a day to see results. Other good biking exercises include squats and lunges, which strengthen your legs and your core. 

Also, it helps to stretch or do some warmup exercises before a ride. These can include simple things such as jumping jacks and toe stretches. When you are not warmed up, dynamic stretches work best. Other good stretching exercises include leg swings, the heel-toe walk, butt kicks and lifting your knees to waist height.

Tips for Avoiding Post Bike Ride Soreness

Even if you are riding an electric bike, you can still experience soreness. This often has a lot to do with your riding position and the type of bike you have. The best electric bikes for beginners have features designed to reduce discomfort. A lower step-through frame, for example, allows for an easy on and off and is likely to prevent falls. The electric EVRYjourney model is a solid choice in this style.

After you disembark from your favorite bike, you can still take helpful actions to prevent soreness. Again, keep taking fluids because dehydration can impair the recovery process. Also, after a ride, don’t just stop moving all at once, but stay a little active by walking around for about 10 minutes. Proper nutrition with some protein helps repair any muscle damage and promotes recovery. 

It bears repeating that having a great fitting bike that is well designed is probably the single best solution to sore muscles. Now is a wonderful time to get a bike you will love for years to come.



Photo by nextbike on Unsplash