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How to Prepare Your Loved One for An Assisted Living Home

When you have a parent who is reaching their senior years, you will eventually notice that their physical or cognitive health is beginning to fail. Initially, your family may be able to care for your parents as they remain at home, but their condition will eventually worsen and require more consistent care. Before that time comes, you and your parents should be prepared for the transition into an assisted living home.


The most important tip for talking to a parent about senior care is to avoid creating a confrontational situation. Keep in mind that your parents will want to cling to their independence as much as possible as they get older. They won’t like the idea of their adult children telling them what to do, and they may feel too prideful to admit that things are changing. The better approach is to point out examples that demonstrate why you think it’s important to consider assisted living. If your parents recently got lost in a familiar neighborhood or had a slip and fall accident, point those incidents out to them. You can also point out that those types of incidents wouldn’t occur in an assisted living home that has caregivers available to them.

Involve Them in the Process

You should also involve your parents in the process of researching senior care options. You can start by looking for options in your community that will fit your budget. Once you have a few options to consider, go over the brochures and websites with your parents. Show them pictures or videos of seniors having positive experiences in assisted living facilities. It’s also an opportunity to see what the grounds and residential units look like in each home. Once your parents have an idea about the living conditions available to them, they may become more open to the possibility of making this transition. Ask your parent to help you pick out one or two places to tour.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Once you and your loved one have narrowed down your choices, you can gather more information about each home or facility. Each place will offer a different range of assisted living services. Call each facility to find out more about the activities and amenities they provide for their residents. You’ll want to ensure your parent will have the option to participate in a variety of activities, such as yoga, nature walks, and swimming. Find a place that focuses on their residents’ mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and provides them with unique and personalized care. For instance, Diamond Willow, which specializes in assisted living services in MN, creates daily activity plans individualized to each guest’s needs and interests.

Look for a home that hosts social activities that will encourage residents to interact with one another. You’ll want to ensure your parent will be able to live an active life since this will help them protect their cognitive and emotional health.

Take Them On Tours

When it’s time to schedule a tour of a facility, plan to bring your parents along. You should also try to schedule tours for the lunch or dinner hours. This will allow your parents to meet some of the residents, and you’ll get to see the quality of meals served to the residents. Be sure to tour the property in its entirety, and encourage your parents to ask any questions that concern them. If you expect them to choose one of the assisted living facilities as their home, they will have to feel comfortable about the services and care it offers.

Address Their Care Concerns

You should also spend some time going over the care services offered in an assisted living facility. Explain that the upkeep of the property will be taken care of by maintenance staff, leaving them free to relax and enjoy their senior years. It can also help to point out that their special care needs, such as ensuring they take the proper doses of their medication, will also be addressed. If your parent is injured or suffers another type of medical emergency, caregivers will be close by to help them. Help your parents understand that the staff will be there to care for their needs, so they can enjoy life and rely on the consistent care they will need as they grow older.


You may also find that it’s necessary to be persistent on the topic of assisted living. Convincing your parents to accept this change sooner will enable you to make the necessary preparations in advance. This will help your family make the transition more easily when the time does come.


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