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How to Overcome Hopelessness


Deutsch: Der Australier Nick Vujicic, der ohne...
Deutsch: Der Australier Nick Vujicic, der ohne Arme und Beine geboren wurde, bei einem Vortrag am 1. April 2011 in Ehringshausen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I just had to share this inspirational video with you by Nick Vujicic. In this TED talk, Nick talks about how he has overcome obstacles to create a happy fulfilling life. Nick is a fantastic example of someone who has managed to triumph over adverse conditions and has been able to overcome hopelessness. It is often, not what happens to us, but rather our attitudes to what happens to us that affects our happiness and quality of life. What do you choose to believe about yourself, about your life??


How to overcome hopelessness:




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