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How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Your Next Chapter In Life

There will come a time when life will take a sudden turn. It may be as simple as changing styles of clothing to drastic ones like changing jobs, relocating to a different place, or starting a family. You may be burdened or stressed out because of these changes.

Accepting change is not the easiest thing, but here are a few things that you can do to help you prepare for it:

1. Learn from others

Change has part of the human experience for the longest of time, and you’re not the only one going through it. You can then ask other people you know who have undergone changes similar to the ones you’re experiencing. Here are some ways to help you reach out to them:

  • Find a mentor: Heeding the advice of a mentor who has a vast knowledge of the topics that may be troubling you can help you get a better perspective. There are a lot of life coaches at Endeavour Wellness who can help you with your life decisions or situation.
  • Talk to a small group of friends: If you’re a shy person who’s afraid of opening up to people, it would be best if you talk to those who are closest to you. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable to speak about how you feel.
  • Read online articles: There are numerous articles on the internet that can help people undergoing changes in their life. Check for ones that may give you valuable information and are from credible sources.

2. Leave old habits that are unhelpful with the situation

Before you enter a new phase of your life, you have to change first and leave behind things that are no longer necessary for the change that will happen. Old habits, whether good or bad habits, may die hard, but here are the steps you can take to change your old habits slowly:

  • Identify habits relevant to the new change: Ask yourself the question, “Is this vital for the new chapter in my life?” If the answer is “no,” then it may be best to avoid those habits. If the answer is “yes,” it may be best to let those habits stay. For instance, if you’re used to waking up late since your old job is a night shift, change your routine if you’ll have a new job that is a day shift.
  • Reinforce: Now that you have a better understanding of what your good habits are. You must exercise them daily and put effort to further developing them. When you do things regularly, chances are you’ll be able to turn it into a habit.
  • Set goals for yourself: Set goals that are reasonable and attainable for you, either for the short or long term. For instance, don’t say, “I will eat healthier foods.” Instead set a specific plan such as, “I will eat oats for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, and chicken or fish for dinner. I will start on March 10, 2019, and will stop eating fast foods on the same date.” This way, you can assess whether you’re changing your habit or not.

3. Visualize how your new chapter would look like

It’s essential to have a general idea of what your life would look like. Just like any successful business, you must have a vision in mind so that you can make the necessary steps needed. If you’re wondering why you need to visualize the new chapter in your life, here are some reasons:

  • It helps you be motivated: Just like an athlete keeping his eyes on the prize, visualizing will help you stay focused on your goals.
  • It helps you plot your course: Since you have a clear idea of how you want things to be, you can set actions that you wish to take.
  • It reinvigorates you: Every time that you get a step closer to your dream life, you get a confidence boost.

4. Be patient

It can be very frustrating when you don’t immediately get the results that you want. You may grow impatient and restless, especially when you’re used to how fast life is. Here are a few ways how you can practice patience:

  • Breathe: Learn how to take deep breaths when things are not going as fast as you want.
  • Meditate: Take 10 to 15 minutes every day and just pause for a moment. Let your mind wander; it may help you refocus and realign yourself.
  • Be in the moment: Change is a slow process. It may be difficult at times, but you should enjoy every moment of it and be happy for every milestone that you may achieve.

Final Thoughts

Change is often difficult, and a lot of people have a hard time accepting it. But you must always remember that it’s not something that you must fear, for change is constant. You must not let the fear of change stop you from having the life that you envisioned. Therefore, use these tips to help you in preparing yourself for the coming change.

Mandy X

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