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How to maintain weight after weight loss

How to maintain weight after weight loss?


Most people gain back more than half of the weight they lost following their diet plan. During the first year after the diet, people usually gain more than 30% of the weight they lost, and during the next three years, most of them weigh the same as when they started the diet. The cause of this is going back to an unhealthy diet, quitting exercising, or going through stressful situations. 


The following suggestions can help you with maintaining your ideal weight:


  • Give up unhealthy habits forever


If you want to give up unhealthy habits easily, you have to replace them with new healthy habits shared by

Research shows that we make decisions about food according to our habits. So, if you get used to eating junk food when you are at your friend’s house, you will automatically expect to eat junk food every time you go there. That happens because the brain creates the connection between visiting your friend and the food you enjoy, which is how habits are formed. You have to keep practicing at least some of the healthy habits you practiced during your weight loss journey. 


  • Eat healthily


To maintain weight is essential to eat healthily, but also to include cheat meals in your nutrition. You should eat food you like without any guilt for cheat meals or days, but don’t let the cheat day turn into the cheat month. Include in your nutrition healthy fats by eating nuts, avocados, or fish. Also, continue eating lots of vegetables and fruits. You can always visit a doctor, dietitian, or weight loss clinic if you want to make sure you are eating right after losing weight, and in that way, you can find out more about how to maintain weight. 


  • Walk


It would be best to make at least 10 000 steps a day; this will keep you in shape after weight loss. Whenever you have a chance, you should walk to work or school. 


  • Drink water


Instead of drinking a lot of sugary drinks full of processed sugar, you should drink water. Of course, you can drink the beverages you like occasionally, but don’t let that become your habit. Also, if you have a chance to choose a diet version of your favorite drink, it’s better to take that no-calorie kind of drink. Water has no calories, so it will always be the best choice for you. 


  • Measure your portions


If you include some unhealthy food into your diet after losing weight, you should pay attention to the amount of that food. It’s fine eating some junk food or sweets from time to time, but even then, watch your portions.


  • Keep exercising


The most common reason for putting weight back on is quitting exercising. Even if your diet after weight loss isn’t very healthy, exercising will keep you fit. The higher intensity of the workout, the better because exercising will allow you to eat more calories.  


  • Stick to healthy snacks


If you have an urge to eat between meals, let those snacks be something healthy. Nuts, fruits, and healthy kinds of smoothies can be great snacks for you. 


Final thoughts


After all, it’s not the end of the world if you put on weight, don’t stress yourself about it. The ultimate thing you should do is be mean to yourself and start rigorous diets or over-exercise. If you fail in maintaining the weight after weight loss, try questioning everything, even the diet plan that helped you lose weight in the first place. Start all over again, and next time try not to make the same mistakes.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash