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How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Many of us lose weight the traditional way, but we don’t appreciate that there are many ways to lose weight other than just exercise. Some people opt for a gastric surgery option; and in this case you may want to look at Others look at a change in diet. But here are some tips that may assist you on your journey.

A diet that is too rich or poorly adapted, a lack of physical activity, genetic heritage, certain illnesses and stress. Weight loss is often significant and rapid (around 2 to 4 kg per week), indicating a significant loss of muscle mass.  This is precisely what is harmful: feeling of fatigue, reduced immunity and various physiological and postural disturbances. It is a warning signal for the body: the latter will try at all costs to regain its usual weight. mainly by a gain in fat mass.  The risk is to link diet to diet. Moreover, there is a systematic weight gain between each diet. In the end, the weight is much higher than the starting weight.  

How to lose weight?

A sustainable weight loss that respects the body is done at the rate of 500 g to 1.5 kg per month, for people who are slightly overweight. But it is how we cook our food that makes a big difference. For example, frying food is bad for us. The best way is grilling or steaming. Thanks to this gentle steam cooking, the vegetables retain their truly natural color and appearance. The vegetables are excellent in terms of taste: pleasurable for the palate, because the natural taste is preserved and enhanced. More than 96% of the sugars and mineral salts are preserved, you are in for a treat! Vegetables are also very digestible because of the preservation of fibers, the natural texture is preserved.  

The quantities consumed are naturally regulated!

The fibers being preserved by this gentle steaming, the feeling of satiety is better perceived because of the more present chewing. We naturally eat less! Another important aspect of fiber preservation is that it results in less fat storage. The pancreas is less stimulated. When fiber is present in sufficient quantity, the pancreas secretes less insulin and sugars or carbohydrates are transformed into fat less than if the diet was devoid of fiber and raised blood sugar after each meal. Finally, the intestinal flora is more efficient, allowing better absorption of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) and better synthesis of neurotransmitters, regulators of the brain.

Tips and recommendations for losing weight

Dietitians and nutritionists also insist on other recommendations, such as:


  • Reduce saturated fats (butter, cheese, cold cuts, fatty meats) and consume enough olive oil (around 1 tablespoon / day / person) and rapeseed (around 2 tablespoons / day / person) – or another oil rich in omega 3. Fats are very important for health, balance and weight management, and cholesterol. Each of our cells is protected by a thin layer of fats which must be of good quality and renewed regularly.
  • Limit snacking
  • Reduce salt intake 
  • Limit the consumption of sugars 
  • Engage in regular physical activity 


Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

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