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Mandy Kloppers

How to Live More Sustainably and Why it Makes a Difference

Sustainability is a goal of many companies and individuals. In the long run, it really does have an impact on the planet we live on. Let us take a very close look at how to live more sustainably and why it makes a difference.

Use Less Water

To start things off, use less water whenever possible. When you take a shower, limit yourself to just a couple of minutes every evening. Many shower heads have eco-friendly modes that spray tiny droplets of water to consume less overall. When washing your hands, shut off the water as you rub your fingertips together. You’ll be conserving water and making things easier on water supply companies. 

In addition, you’ll cut down on your monthly utility bill. There’s a common misconception that just because water can’t be destroyed, you can’t wastewater. Water treatment and processing plants take a lot of energy and inevitably use chemicals to purify the water. The bottom line is when you don’t have to use water, don’t call upon a flow from your pipes.

Eat Natural Foods

Next in line, eat natural foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One great way to achieve this is to go vegan or vegetarian. However, you don’t need to follow these diets if you don’t want to. There are natural alternatives to common foods on all the shelves in the supermarket. For example, raw orange blossom honey is a fantastic alternative to traditional honey that is processed many times over. 

These natural foods come at a smaller impact on the environment and wildlife. If more people were to consume these foods, we’d see a positive effect on our rainforests and plantations. Many of these natural foods also cut down on plastic packaging that is equally as harmful.

Drive Electric Vehicles

Yet another great way to live sustainably is by driving electric vehicles. Over the past decade, there has been a strong push toward renewable energy. In particular, electric vehicles have shown to be extremely effective. Fortunately, it doesn’t take hours to get on the road with dcbel’s Home Energy Station. With its integrated solar energy and DC fast charging off-board inverter, you can charge your car using the power of the sun. You eliminate the need to use gas and oil, two substances that we do not have an infinite supply of.

Consuming electricity instead of oil has a massive impact on our ozone layer and air quality. Future generations will be able to breathe clean air when they walk outside into mother nature. If you’re hesitant about an electric vehicle, consider a hybrid vehicle at the very least. You won’t notice a difference in power, but you’ll be leaving a smaller carbon footprint with every revolution of your wheel.

Talk About Sustainability

Last but not least, talking about sustainability is a great habit to get into. Inform others about common misconceptions and tell them how they can be living more sustainably. Starting this sort of conversation really does make a difference. Some people simply don’t know about the best ways to live sustainably. They may have always had these intentions in the back of their mind but just never knew how to proceed. 

When you can lead by example, you encourage everyone to participate in sustainability practices. A friend discussing sustainability is much different than ads you see on social media. Many people don’t really know how to respond to commercials that tell them to do one thing or another. When they hear advice from a trusted source, they’re much more likely to be receptive. At the same time, you don’t want to force green living on your neighbors. Simply bring it up in a positive light whenever possible.

When all is said and done, these are a few ways to live more sustainably that really do make a difference. When you live sustainably, it has a positive effect on the environment, and your lifestyle improves as well. Try out a few of these tips in the next few