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How to Know Your Relationship is Ready for Marriage

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Marriage is a big decision. It is not only deciding to spend your life with a person who gives you butterflies. It is, in effect, an entire lifestyle. Whether they give you butterflies or not, you have to stick by them. And they have to stick by you.

There will be times when they will be the sun. And then there will be times when they will be the dark. In either case, you’ve to stick together because that’s the decision you make when you say I do.

Sounds too demanding. Doesn’t it? Well, that’s how commitment works. It demands constant input to make things last.

And that may be ringing a question in your head: how will you know if your relationship is ready for marriage?

Sure, you love your partner. But do you think you want to take this relationship to the marriage stage?

Well, here’s a bit of a guide to help you out.

1. Tell-tale Signs

When two people are together and happy, almost anyone can tell. Irrespective of this big, undeniable truth, our hearts often refuse to believe.

We often question our relationships, unable to determine if we are leading our lives the right way or not. If you find yourself at such a point too, here are a few signs that you should seek. If you check all the boxes, your relationship is screaming permanently. And marriage would be a rightful decision.

2. You have it all sorted.

If you’re a teen who’s truly, deeply, madly lost in love – and you’re reading this post to receive an affirmative of your marriage, then hold up. You need time.

Science says it’s best to wait until your mid-twenties before taking the big decision. The older you are, the more mature you became. You eventually become more aware of your likes and dislikes and are more likely to settle with a perfect partner.

If your current relationship is not all about sweet moments and you know your partner inside out. And yet fall for them. Then this is it. They are the ones you were meant to find.

Simultaneously, ensure that you’re not rushing things. Just because you’ve found them doesn’t mean you don’t need time to process things.

Plus, don’t let the glamorous tuxedos and fancy bride gowns influence your decision. Your time will come. You need not trade your life for an Instagram post!

3. You have a deep understanding of your partner.

As mentioned earlier, the most successful relationships are about sticking through the thick and thin. If you feel your partner is there with you in your tough times and they feel the same about you, it’s a green signal.

Apart from tackling tough situations together, you should also be able to trust your partner entirely. Whether they’re close to you or away, you should be able to trust them with your existence.

Trust is also about knowing one another to the core. Whether the words are exchanged between you two or not, you should know their sentiments about crucial and sensitive aspects of life.

4. Everyone knows.

Perhaps, the biggest tell-tale sign of true love is that it isn’t quiet. You can’t keep it a secret.

Your partner’s personality, traits, habits eventually penetrate you. In effect, they are not a part of your life but your entire life. So, it’s almost impossible to hide it. You can’t live without them, and they can’t live without you. And fret not, that’s healthy!

That would mean your parents, family, and friends would also be well acquainted with them. So, if they know and they like them too, it’s time to take it t marriage!

5. How to make it official?

Surprise your spouse with a beautiful morganite engagement ring! Or perhaps, sapphire. Or maybe emerald -whichever they like best. Just ensure that you buy it from a reputable and reliable place (preferably a big name) and surprise your spouse to make it a lifelong memory.

Take them to their favorite place, kneel, and propose! Engagement is the best way to further your relationship towards marriage. Your engagement ceremony is a mini replica of your wedding ceremony. It is what the actual event will look like.

6. Is Engagement Necessary?

Yes! The engagement period between couples is highly essential. It’s not as temporary as an unofficial relationship. And it’s not as permanent as marriage.

It’s the gray area where you can explore the seriousness of your relationship in greater depth. You get a deeper insight into one another, and one another takes at life. You can plan your lives better and more effectively.

Plus, it provides a good time to bid an eventual goodbye to your single life. It’s the time where you get to close some chapters once and for all. And open a few doors once and for all. The beauty of it is very much necessary!

Final Thoughts

Summing up, it all comes down to the sync of your brain and heart. If your brain and heart are all to them, do not let the obstacles stop you. Love is hard to find – make sure when you get your hands on it, you do justice with the blessing you’ve been given.



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