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How to know you are loved

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How to know you are loved

Relationships are funny things. We can bumble along and somehow, a relationships that was good turns into something that just isn’t what it used to be. We get distracted with work and other life issues and if we aren’t careful a good relationship can end up ruined. If we don’t regularly take stock we can end up in a functional relationship that doesn’t meet any of our emotional needs anymore and stay in something just because it’s familiar rather than because it is a relationship that makes us feel alive, inspired and brings out the best in us.

Signs that you are loved:

Your partner cares about your happiness and they actively do things that they know will make you happy.

Your partner doesn’t like to let you down or disappoint you – reliable.

You can count on your partner to keep to their word,

Your partner is honest and open with you.

They are there for you in a crisis.

They want the best for you and support you.


Signs the relationship needs some work:

You don’t spend much quality time together.

You don’t communicate about your feelings – the important stuff.

Your partner promises you things but doesn’t deliver, unreliable.

You are like strangers in the same house, there is detachment.

There is an increase in conflict and arguements.

Every relationship is different but trust your instincts on whether someone is right for you or not. Never stay out of fear that you won’t meet someone else. Staying with someone who is not good for you will belittle you, lower your self esteem and limit you chances to meet your full potential.

Mandy X

Photo by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash

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